Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not a miniature at all -- but a really pretty vase!

I've finally got myself a 1:1 tulipiere or five fingered vase of my very own!  Isn't it pretty? I saw it on eBay a few weeks ago, agonized over it, and finally broke down and made an offer which the seller accepted.  (My grandmother always had a saying, "If you like a thing, you like it so much better".  I don't know what the hell she meant, except that if a material object calls to you, and you can afford it, you might as well give in and get it :)   It now has a proud place on my Welsh dresser!

I just had to share this with the only group of people I know who might begin to understand why I'm so excited about this damned thing :)

Thanks for letting me burble at you!  Next post will really be about minis, I promise.


  1. "I don't know what the hell she meant..." too funny!!! LOL =)

  2. Nina, it is beautiful! The pattern is gorgeous.... SO Jacobean! I can thoroughly understand why you had to have it! It looks PERFECT on your Welsh dresser! Now we REALLY want to see the Welsh Dresser AND the tulipiere in Miniature in your WAMH!! :)I am sure you won't let us down!

  3. Nina, I think it's wonderful. You would stitch a pillow with the same pattern. A really good buying and it looks wonderful among your blue china.Rosanna

  4. Good for you, it's lovely. I would have done just the same. Things you WANT are always much more exciting than things you NEED!

  5. Aw, guys, you're so sweet! I'm definitely going to share my mad impulse buys with you in the future :)

    Lataina: It actually makes me laugh, too!

    Daydreamer: Thanks, sweetie! I'll take a photo of the whole dresser sometime :)

    Irene: so true. I'm actually thrilled with it and very happy it made it to me in one piece :)

    rosanna, what a great idea -- I'll turn it into needlepoint and feel better about the money I spent!

  6. Oh, I have learned my lesson, if it calls to me and I can afford it I buy it, otherwise it always haunts me like the real life petit point purse for under $10 that I didn't buy at an antique fair ,just when I decided to go back and get it another lady was busy snapping it up, I still kick myself over that one!!!!

  7. This is pretty! And so is your collection:D

  8. I think having something in real life that is duplicated in miniature is so cool! Very pretty and unusual...are you excited for tulip season now??

  9. es muy bonito, por aquí también lo llamaban talla,en los tiempos de mi abuela, y se hacían con formas diferente y decorados con temas de la tierra.
    no me extraña que se sintiese atraída por algo tan bello
    un abrazo

    is very nice, here also called size, in my grandmother's time, and made with different shapes and decorated with land issues.
    no wonder she was attracted to something so beautiful
    a hug


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