Thursday, January 20, 2011

TIny tulips from Thailand!

I received a tiny package of spring in the mail from Thailand, yesterday.  Look at these little lovelies! 

Aren't they perfect?  They're clay tulips (made, I think, from Luna clay) in blue and white containers from new eBay seller happymemyshop, who sometimes has 1:12 scale flowers for sale.  They are so much prettier than they were in their photo, and they are superbly made and finished.  Hey, it's a circa 1700 room with blue and white Chinese export pottery, there HAVE to be tulips in there, somewhere :) And until I get my act together and make some, I figured I should pick these up when I saw them.


  1. Tulips - aren't they a beautiful and intriguing flower, with a fascinating history. Fortunes were made and broken, in trading them.

    You're right - they are perfect!

  2. I absolutely adore your blog! I've learned quite a bit from it--as well as gotten some good ideas :-) It was actually your blog that inspired me to start my own :-)

    PS: your needlepoint is superb!

  3. Nina, the tulips are beautiful and so perfect in the little blue and white pots! You certainly find the most wonderful mini things!
    You should try to do some striped and ruffled tulips.... those were the rare and expensive ones!

  4. Que precioso todo lo que haces,ahora mismo enlazo tu blog al mío, ya tienes una seguidora más, no quiero perderme nada tuyo,te invito a visitar mi blog.Saludos.

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