Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marble fireplace in WAHM Bedroom, and Thing-a-day!

I enjoyed marbling the Blue and White Room's fireplace so much, that I had to do something to the very white and plain fireplace in the bedroom!  I used some cream and yellow ochre and white, and then drew in the veins with grey.

I'm participating in this year's Thing-A-Day Project, which challenges its participants to create one thing every day through the month of February.  So far I've just been doing jewellery projects, but I know some of the things I'll do will be minis, and I'll post them here.  If you want to follow along, you can see all my TAD projects at my artists' blog, Dangerous Mezzo, or you can see the work of hundreds of participants at the main Thing-A-Day website :)


  1. OOOOHH Nina, your white marbleized fireplace is just DIVINE! I can't wait to see what else you will make for your TAD Challenge!
    On my blog I have just posted a reference to your encaustic tile floors.... but I haven't learned how to do the linking thing... so I didn't actually link to your blog... :(
    But I do sincerely thank you for your inspiration on MANY projects! :)

  2. oh, this fireplace is superb!! I just love the marbling, you've done it perfectly!!

  3. The colours are absolutely perfect,love it!Jeannette

  4. You're really into the swing of this now and have made an excellent job of the marbling - it's very realistic looking and it sits very well with that wallpaper.

  5. A wonderful job as usual Nina. It does look very real.

    Well done,


  6. Marble fireplace is mine favorite. I know that Its so expensive. But It stable and durable than wood and metal fireplace.
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  7. I love your fireplace. Perfect for winter in my country. Hope to have one too.

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