Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update on WAMH

I haven't had much time for the William and Mary House today, because I've been trying to finish off my swap gifts for Caterina's Holiday Swap :)

But after messing with the tiles yesterday, I'm now at this point:

That's not the real kitchen fireplace, of course, it's the dining room fireplace, just put in these photos as a visual placeholder to help me visualize proportions better.

And here it is in its true home in the dining room.  You really have to use your imagination for this one :) Imagine panelling and scenic wallpaper in here ... I really like Kris's settee here, too -- I may have to get her to make me a different one for the parlour!  This is an old-fashioned dining table for 1697-1710, but I'm imagining that the owners of the house are a tad eccentric!


  1. That floor is amazing! And I love your furniture and pieces what you got for the house already :)

  2. The floor is wonderful, I truly love it to bits. Rosanna

  3. Ten out of ten for the tiles!!! Beautiful!

  4. It's a marvellous flooring! The colours are perfect!

  5. I knew the floor is going to be beautiful!!:D

  6. estoy deseando ver todo en su sitio va a ser una gozada, y me gustaría poder verlo en directo,aunque a falta de eso, espero que usted ponga muchas fotos.
    un abrazo

    I want to see everything in his site it is going to be the enjoyed one, and me it would like to be able to see it directly, though for lack of it, I hope that you put many photos.
    An embrace

  7. Mamma Mia! I fancy, I have so much, and I can see beyond ...
    Fantastic :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  8. Nina, I have read the back posts on the progress of the floor and like you, photos are where I check my work as well. BIG HUGE ones that macro all our shortcomings :). Are we just masochistic?

    But for you, it's been really worth it. The floor is positively brilliant.

  9. The floor is excellent - such a lovely finish.


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