Saturday, July 3, 2010

200+ followers! Welcome, everyone!

Imagine that, over 200 followers!  I'm gobsmacked.  Reading and commenting on other people's blogs turns what many people imagine is a solitary, self-referential activity -- blogging -- into a true community.  Thank you all for opening my eyes to the huge world of tiny things, and especially the wonderful people who share our interests in the miniature!

Welcome to:

Naty, a Spanish miniaturist, who writes at El Mundo Mágico de Naty and whose latest project is a bakery!

Jonna or "rudoo" who blogs about miniatures at  BuggaBoos.

JRB Creations, who makes gorgeous small stuffed animals, blogs about her work at JRB Creations and sells her work on Etsy and eBay!  She also makes some 1:12 scale minis :)

Susan aka "microcrochetmad", who, as her user name suggests, crochets the maddest little teeny tiny objects!  Check out her microcrochetmad blog!

Daisy is a Brazilian AIM miniaturist who has lots of blogs -- one of them is Daisy's Miniaturas 1/12.

Miia is Finnish, and blogs bilingually (Finnish and English) at Hallahovi.

Jamie is a Kansas Hallowe'en artist, and she blogs at Creepy Creations!

Emily is a young fashion design student who is taking up the family hobby of miniatures -- she's blogging about her latest project, based on the BBC Merlin series at EmilyClaireFashions.

And then there's rmartedal, ele B, Margriet van der Zee, otterine, Lyn and Kathy Beaman about whom I can find no extra information, but who are most welcome, regardless :)

If I've missed your site or shop, then please leave a comment so we can find you!

I'm going to stir around and work up some kind of giveaway to mark this milestone in the life of the Tudor Dollhouse Project Blog, but I want to consult with the KnitWits first :)


  1. "Congratulations on your 200+ Followers" xxx

  2. I concur, congratulations on your 200 plus followers! :)

  3. Hi Nina, congratulations on reaching the magic 200!

  4. Congratulations with more than 200 folowers.
    I am not surprised by that cause you have a wonderfull blog.

  5. Nina, at the rate your followers are coming, you may have to do a giveaway once a month! Congratz! It's amazing speed :). Some of my very good friends who have become my confidante are people I "met" here 1 year ago :).

  6. Congratulations for your 200 followers!!

  7. Congratulations with more than 200 followers.
    greetings Ingrid

  8. Congratulations on your 200 followers - your blog is an enjoyable read!

  9. Thanks so much, guys! I'm pretty much overwhelmed by the thought that people actually read this now :) For a long time I was just jabbering away to myself!

    Still plotting the giveaway ...

  10. Congrats on 200 Followers, Nina!:D

  11. Woohoo congratulations to you!!! wonderful news for a wonderful Blog! Kate xxx

  12. Muchas felicidades por los 200 seguidores.
    Tienes un blog precioso, lleno de maravillas!!
    besitos ascension

  13. The blogger world is truly a mine of friendships ... let you write something, and you do not think anyone read ... Instead the whole world is out there watching you and it enjoys your beautiful things!


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