Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ground floor foam walls

I'm on a roll!  I just can't stop cutting foam!

Here's the back wall in place --about 47" long and 11 inches high:

Now for the tricky one:  the gable end of the kitchen.  Because the kitchen is just a one storey extension to the main building, the kitchen end of the house needs to be angled to take the roof (which will be non opening).  I decided to add part of the chimney, too.  Because the front edge of the foam is set back 3/4 of an inch from the front edge of the model, so that a wooden facing strip can be put on it, I have to take that into account when designing my roof.

Right angles are good for the up and down bits ...

45 degree angles for the roof line:

Here's the gable end all drawn out:

And here it is propped in place!  You can see that when the 3/4 inch facing strip is put along the front edge of the foam, everything should line up neatly (I fervently hope).

You can also see that I should have changed my blade near the end :)

But it's actually starting to look like a house!  Woo hoo!

And I've used less than $8.00 worth of foam :)

I've ordered some yummy things for the house -- flooring for the front hall, lots of wallpaper and a few light fixtures, but there're many things I can work on to get the model to the next step while I'm waiting for my purchases to arrive.

First I have to mark where the interior walls hit that back wall, so I can start marking in the rear window openings and the back door ...  Then I can make the staircase unit for the hall, the back door for the kitchen and the kitchen fireplace.


  1. Gosh next fantastic fast working Lady on the blogland!:D Love the kitchen wall! The house is starting to look like the house should!

  2. Your working with the speed of light!

  3. Gosh Nina... It really is lookng great and going so fast! I can't wait to se the wall paper you chose.
    Thank you so much for the comment you left me today on my blog. I am not going to rush it I have decided. You really made me feel better.
    I am so excited for you about the plates you ordered. I can't wait to see what ones you got. I ADORE their work!!! The favorite that arrived yesterday was totally unexpected. That covered veg dish is to die for. I really didn't expect it to be my favorite piece.

  4. Arh, its polystyrene! I wondered what type of foam you were using! I have a question...the roof, how are you going to make it or what out of?

    This foam is far thicker than foam board. Great idea Nina.

    Michelle xx

  5. Assist with great emotion at the birth of this house! Forgive me if I missed a few comments: I am having many problems with the translator and are very slow!
    But I followed all developments, as usual.
    The floor is fabulous :-)
    Mini Kisses, flora

  6. La casa va creciendo a pasos de gigante, pronto la tendras terminada ,va ha quedar genial ,besos

  7. Brilliant! we wish wed bought this now for emilys merlin roombox as we got 5mm foam board and will need to double it up. This looks way easier than all the glueing we will need to do. Inspiring indeed Nina! Kate xxx,


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