Saturday, July 10, 2010

Painting kitchen floor tiles - day two

I've found photographing my projects to be immensely helpful when trying to recreate something in real life.  I think we've all had the experience of thinking something looked fine, then taking a photo of it (especially a macro photo or a shot from "doll's eye" perspective), and realizing that we've screwed something up :)

This is very true as I continue my journey with the kitchen floor!

First of all, this is my inspiration photo.  I love the fact that the tile colours are so varied, yet all clearly belong together.  They're grounded, somehow.

And here's where things are this morning, after working over the floor with the original pigments, adding ultramarine blue and ochre.

I can see that I'm getting there, for sure.  It's not dreadful, but it all needs to be tied together.  I need to stipple the tiles with a darker colour, especially the paler tiles.  I need to put in a nice dark wash for the grout (that will be easier now that it's all sealed -- I can wipe the wash off the face of the tiles, leaving the pigment in the grout lines.  I also don't have to be afraid of using more and richer colour.  I think I'll do one more pass with some deeper terracotta colours and then try to create the grout look.

If anyone has some ideas, please shout out!


  1. It's looking great! I use a lot of my fingers when painting, I did the finishing two layers in my tiles with fingers, I like it as they give uneven paint surface and it's easy to smear the paint around :)

  2. Yes, the fingers are a great painting tool:) The floor is looking good already and I know it will be just perfect soon!:)

  3. I can honestly say that I thought the first photo WAS your floor.... You are closer than you think. It's beautiful.

  4. I have to agree with Tabitha, I thought the first picture was your floor. You are doing a fabulous job!!

  5. Looks pretty darn good already, Nina.

  6. Nina, great job! The alternation of colors is very effective and give the idea of terra cotta tiles. The fingers are the best brush that we can use :-)
    Mini hugs

  7. As you know I always use my fingers to blend paint, it's the best way I have found to make things look natural.

    Your floor is nearly there, I'd go over with a watery wash of black/brown acrylic (making sure you let the paint puddle in the grout lines) and then remove the excess from the tiles with a cloth. This should remove the new look and add some age. :o)

    Michelle xx

  8. Ha ha! I thought the first pic was your mini floor as well. I'd say you're nearly there with the finish on the tiles.

  9. The floor is already perfect. very realistic terra cotta tiles.It's beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend
    groetjes Ingrid

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  11. fantastic work is fantasticly perfect

  12. Sorry Nina, I'm probably the last person to give you advice or suggestions on something like this. But I have to say I think your mini tile floor is fantastic!!! In fact, I think I like the mini version better than the real life one.

  13. well done! its hard to tell the real one & the mini one apart! I'm very impressed :o)


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