Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cutting first foam wall -- drying tiles -- Mum's doll

This is going to be a rather "bitty" update :)
First of all, I bought a lovely new utility knife (box cutter, Olfa cutter) and cut out my first foam wall!

The walls for the ground floor are 11" high, and the plans for this house call for the foam side walls to be set back from the front edge of the base 3/4". (These forward edges of foam will later be covered with 3/4 inch thick wood to which the dollhouse doors will be attached with piano hinges.)

Cutting the foam was really, really easy. I was prepared for it to go all granular on me, but by cutting slowly and in layers (i.e. not trying to cut all the way through on the first pass) and with a super sharp knife, everything went smoothly.

Here's the first wall propped up!  This is probably going to be the dining room's fireplace, but I just couldn't resist getting a sense of the scale of the thing, with Kris Compas's gorgeous little settee in place!

Next update:  the kitchen floor.  Well, it's definitely cracking, but it's not shrinking :) I'll rub some crack filler into most of the cracks before I paint.  It certainly is drying fast, and it's a nice terracotta colour ... I should be painting it by Friday!

And, finally, I took a few photos of Mum's doll in her roombox -- she looks very much at home there, and has made friends with Mini-Emma :)  Mum hasn't named her, but it's just a matter of time -- Mum names EVERYTHING, including our 1950s era teak salt shaker/pepper grinder ("Lily St Cyr" -- because she shakes and grinds ...)


  1. The doll really looks like she is living there for a long time:) The foam wall looks solid:) And I am very happy to read the clay does not shrink!:D Can't wait to see the floor painted:)

  2. You have the magic touch Nina! I knew you'd be fine, so what a relief the floor is fine!

    Foam board is so easy to work with, especially awkward areas and shapes.

    You can buy craft knives like that in the UK and they are wonderfully sharp. ;o)

    I love you Mum's sense of humour! lol Her room box looks lovely! :o))

    Michelle xx

  3. The house is coming up fast! I feel bad not building mine, but I'm now more in the mini accessories mood :) And the doll in your Mom's roombox looks so at home :)

  4. Boy, are you moving on this one! It's just too tempting to throw in a piece of furniture now and then, isn't it? The little doll looks right at home in Mum's roombox.

  5. I'm also glad to hear the clay didn't shrink. I have to get brave enough to try this clay! Thanks for sharing.


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