Thursday, July 1, 2010

Almost at 200 Followers! Welcome, all!

First of all, Happy Canada Day (or Dominion Day, as it was known when I was a girl :)  Today we celebrate 143 years since the British North America Act created the Dominion of Canada.  Canada is one of those countries which, logically, shouldn't exist, but I'm very glad it does :)  I love my country, and am proud to be a Canadian!

Goodness!  We're almost at 200 followers -- we'll have to do another giveaway to mark that milestone when it happens -- I'll have to ask the KnitWits what they'd like to do :)

Welcome, everyone, to this blog -- we really appreciate your interest in what we're doing and your comments when you feel moved to make them! New followers include:

Carolina from Spain blogs at An Edelweiss Little Homestead.

Beatrice is a French dollmaker and blogs at Miniatures Beatrice.  She just got back from a successful fourth outing at SIMP!

Etsy Team MIDS (Miniatures in Dollhouse Scale) is a very active Team at Etsy.  They run many blogs, but their main blog is here.  If you buy or sell minis on Etsy, they're very welcoming!

Mincka is a Dutch miniaturist whose site is Markus & Minka Miniaturen.

Oiseau de Nim is a French miniaturist specializing in food.  Her blog is here and she sells at Etsy, too!

Terry is from Italy, has an AMAZING looking cat, and blogs at minihouse de terry.

Carolyn is a New Zealand miniaturist working on a wonderfully shabby cottage, who blogs at Carolyn's Little Kitchen.

Kristi blogs under the name "Fiver".  She's one of the most talented miniature animal makers I've ever seen -- do check out her blog, Mini Menagerie, if you don't already know her work!

Lainie is an American blogger in Texas who blogs at Lainie's Little Things.

Lorraine is the genius behind DFLY, a line of handmade creepy miniatures that looks fabulously detailed!  She blogs at Dollhouse Minis by Dfly Creations, and sells her work at Etsy and eBay.

Carol is Irish, she blogs at Wee Cute Treasures, and sells adorable little clothespin dolls at Etsy.

Klara is Dutch, and blogs about dolls houses, miniatures and scrapbooking at Klara's Blog.

Heather is from California in the United States, and blogs at Diary of a Dollhouse.

And there's May and Sara Carlson for whom I cannot find a blog.  If I've missed your info, please let me know in the comments!

More welcomes to come :)


  1. Happy Canada Day! I lived in Vancouver for two years and have many Canadian friends here in California. You've reminded my that I need to wish them a happy day too! Love your blog.

  2. Thanks so much, Heather -- I'll be wishing you a Happy Fourth of July in a few days!

  3. Hi Nina ... no wonder people are following you ... your work is superb ... your ideas amazing! I really look forward to your new posts.

    Happy Canada Day to you too ... Eh!!


    P.S. I know I haven't finished my Tutor, but you have inspired me to start a long thought about project... a stone carvers shed. It is going to include a bunch of my stone carvings and works in progress. Perhaps the diversion will get the Tudor going as well.

  4. I see you made it to 200+ followers, congrats! And thank you for welcoming me so very kindly! I love your blog, your detailed processes are so helpful!


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