Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to our new followers!

Sorry, I still don't have my 200 follower giveaway organized (and it may be a little time before I get around to it), but I didn't want to delay welcoming our latest followers :)

Welcome to:

Maria who lives in Rotterdam and blogs at Diary of a Miniaturist.

La Belle Brigante, another Dutch miniaturist, who has a great blog at La Belle Brocante and has a tremendously cute cat named Ootje :)

Miniature doll maker Silke Janas-Schlösser is from Germany.  She has many blogs, but the main one seems to be Silke's Miniatures, and she has a shop at Etsy

Kiki blogs at Living in Food Harmony, among other interesting places :)  Her photography is gorgeous!

Christina is an Indonesian miniaturist and she blogs at Miniature Wonderland

José lives in Spain and is building an amazing miniature castle -- he blogs at Mi Prrimera Casita.

Mercedes from New Zealand is one of the best-known miniature bloggers out there (I've tried rewording that so it doesn't sound as if she's 6 inches tall :).  Her blog, Liberty Biberty, is full of shabby chic inspiration and the adventures of the Nylon family.  If you haven't checked it out, go visit!

Looking Glass Miniatures have several sites, including their principal blog, and other sites for their miniature apothecary blog and Hobbit dollhouse blog!  They also have an Etsy store!

Zsuzsanna Paláné Horváth is a Hungarian miniaturist who blogs at Dreams In Miniature.

Minnie Kitchen is a miniature food artist from the U.S.A. who blogs at Minnie Kitchen and has an Etsy shop.

Kabrina Dawn lives in Arizona and blogs at Kabrina's Miniatures

There are also Shelly, Nadia Navaez, fmagico, and , whose websites I can't seem to find.  You're most welcome, and if you do have a website, blog or shop, please leave the URL in the comments so we can all find you!

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