Sunday, December 26, 2010

William Morris-inspired footstool needlepoint chart

Happy Boxing Day (which is what we call the day after Christmas)!

I hope for those of you who celebrate Christmas that you're having a wonderful holiday season!

In my Mum's stocking yesterday were a number of dolls house miniatures for her Edwardian roombox.  One of them was this little mahogany footstool (made from a McQueenie's Miniatures kit), which I covered with a piece of original needlepoint.

I wanted to use Janet Granger's Tree of Life needlepoint footstool kit, but forgot to order it in time, so I made this pattern up, based on a William Morris design.

I ran out of time to stitch the extra ecru background to properly cover the stool, so I tea-dyed the white fabric around the edge so it wouldn't be so noticeable :)

This was stitched on 32 count canvas, but would look even better on 40 ct silk gauze, I think.  Still, it's the smallest scale bit of needlepoint I've produced to date, and I was very glad to give it to my Mum :)

As a belated Christmas present, here's the chart for this.  As always, please feel free to make it for your own use or to give as a gift, just not for commercial use (without asking me first) :)

Download the .pdf file for the William Morris-inspired footstool needlepoint chart

Merry Christmas!


  1. Nina, the design of your footstool is very beautiful. As for the edge you can try to put a trim around. Happy Boxing Day you too! Natalia

  2. It is beautiful Nina, I just love William Morris, thanks for the chart, I think it will make a very nice cushion too.

  3. Very beautiful, Nina! Happy Boxing Day!

  4. Hi Nina,
    lovely design.Lovely stool!! Would you also be willing to share the design in Petitpointers (several of whom I have already told about your design, but it would be lovely if you did so "in public") pleeeeeeeeeeeze?
    You can also add the pic to the A Chair Challnge album ?!


  5. Love your design, very clever!! Lucky Mum :)

  6. Thanks so much, guys!

    Natalia: that's a BRILLIANT idea, thank you so much for suggesting it. I will do that!

    Elga: thanks for your comment - I love William Morris, too!

    Daydreamer: thank you and I hope you had a great day!

    Elly: I really appreciate your kind comments, and I will add it to the PP collection :) Thanks for encouraging me :)

    Susan: thank you -- I'm a very lucky daughter :) It's nice to be at a point in our lives (my Mum and me) where we can see and appreciate each other as people. I'm very grateful for every day I have with her.

  7. Happy Boxing Day to you too, Nina :-)
    In the coming days (weeks? months?) you receive my birthday card; in the meantime here's spare wishes for joyful holiday.
    It seems to me that your mother has received a stool worthy of note! Is very elegant and serious ...
    Thank you for having published the pattern of the embroidery :-)
    A mini lovely hug to both :-)

  8. A lovely design! I have always liked William Morris, the footstool is very much in his style. A wonderful gift!

  9. many wishes for a happy new year!
    kisses, Caterina

  10. Gorgeous design! Well done - it looks lovely. Best wishes, Carol :)


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