Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bedroom wallpaper and fireplace started

What a busy time of year it is!  I've had hardly any time for mini-making and I miss it terribly.  At least we've had good weather, which I know many of my friends here from the UK, Europe and other parts of North America have NOT had -- it's amazing to me to talk to my husband's cousins in North Yorkshire about the huge amounts of snow they've had, when we have no snow at all here in my part of Canada!

I've finally started decorating the first floor, beginning with the bedroom.

The paper is by Itsy Bitsy Mini and the fireplace surround is "The Classic"  by Dovetails

More soon, I hope!


  1. It looks GREAT! i love the wall paper and the fireplace!

    I was told to spray computer printed wall paper with a mat UV sealant. I think their paper is computer printed. Some of those inks fade over time and UV rays fade them too. I sprayed all the papers I got from Itsy Bitsy.

  2. Love that wallpaper...is it flocked at all. I've been searching for flocked paper for my pub for ages.

  3. Una chimenea ideal. Queda poco para terminar.
    Besos Clara

  4. Thanks for the tip, Catherine -- I'm sure it's computer printed. Gonna go do that!

    Tallulah -- sadly it's not flocked -- miniature flocked paper would be AMAZING. I suppose one could do it oneself, with careful application of glue to a pattern, careful shaking on of flocking and careful shaking off? Worth a try?

    Thanks, Clara!

  5. Flocked paper is sooo hard to find...well impossible so far at least in red. Someone pointed me to some green paper that was flocked if you are interested.

    Not sure if it was the same there but in the 70's that dark red velvety flocked paper was huge in pubs and homes in England. Hubby likely remembers it well. That is the kind I want.

    Yes I've thought about flocking some myself...then figured that would be insane lol.

  6. Nina, that wallpaper is GORGEOUS! (Flocked or not!) I love the darker colors for walls.... and that fireplace is very handsome too! I know how busy things can get.... it's good to see you back in "mini" blogland!

  7. I miss mini-making too, we must all try harder next year :) You are doing a lot better than I am.

  8. Hi Nina, how nice to hear from you :-)
    As usual, great job!
    Of course, I love wallpaper and fireplace :-)
    I send you a big hug

  9. le quedara una bella habitación, el papel es perfecto.
    un abrazo

    will remain a beautiful room, the paper is perfect.
    a hug

  10. Hi, Daydreamer, BKM, Flora and contar! It's so good to be back -- I missed you all :)

    I double dog dare you, Tallulah, to hand flock miniature wallpaper :) Heck, if I get drunk enough this Christmas, I'll try it myself! We definitely had flocked wallpapers when I was a girl, and of course they're also perfect for much earlier period interiors, like the 18th century, when the flocking was to make wallpaper look even more like textiles :)


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