Thursday, March 18, 2010

First miniature doll making

The kids and I have been making dolls to represent ourselves in the world of the Tudor castle.  We used a combination of instructions:  some patterns and general helpful information on dimensions and scale from the book Making miniature dolls with polymer clay by Sue Heaser; and the very useful techniques found on a couple of websites, which I'll append at the bottom of this post.

Evangelista and I were the first to finish our dolls, and she took these photos today.  She arranged all the little settings for them, as well!

 Here is my character.  She will be the castle cook.  This is just her undershift -- she'll have a skirt, a bodice, a leather belt and her hair will be covered :)

 Here is Evangelista's doll.  She will be the cook's assistant.  She's wearing an underdress and a red overdress (from patterns in Heaser's book).

Here they are, enjoying some music and reading, accompanied by one of the castle's many, many cats!

And here they are enjoying a delicious pie.  Notice the cat on the table!  I think he's interested in the pie, too.

Useful Links for Polymer Miniature Doll Making

A very useful series of articles on sculpting scale model dolls in polymer clay from

Articles on adding hair to miniature dolls at MSAT Mini Dolls

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