Saturday, March 27, 2010

McQueenie kits and Suramics pots

I wanted some joint stools for the castle, so I ordered two kits from McQueenie Miniatures in the UK.  This is a great source for early British furniture, both in kit form and ready made.  Want to make your own aumbry?  McQueenie sells a kit!

The joint stool kits were quite easy to assemble, (although the "spacer" they included confused me so I just improvised that part of it :)) It's all hardwood (mahogany in this case) and I just used a linseed oil mix, and then wax, to finish them.  Mahogany isn't "period", of course, but they're still lovely little stools, and very high quality.

I don't think I took photos of some adorable hand-thrown pots I ordered a few months ago from Suramics Pottery in the US.  Let me rectify that right now:

I love these little works of art and the warm, brown glaze!  They will look great in the kitchen we're just about to build for the castle.  Sue Dix, the artisan, makes full size pieces, but she also sometimes throws some minis.  You can find Suramics Pottery both at ArtFire and Etsy.


  1. Beautiful pottery! And a big thank you for all the links you put in your posts - they are so useful!

  2. I'm so glad you find them so, OM. I'm a former Library Technician, so I like to document things :) It also helps me find my way back to sites I've used ...

  3. What a wonderful site! I have always collected miniatures but only just recently got interested in the Tudor period. I have ordered a house from a craftsman in the UK and should receive it just after the first of the year. I'm busy making things for the house and am in great need of a banquet table and chairs or benches for the Great Hall. Does anyone know of any good deals out there either finished or unfinished? Thanks for the great site and the wealth of resources/information!


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