Wednesday, August 18, 2010

William and Mary House August update

Here's where the WAMH stands as of this afternoon:

Kitchen: Nothing really changed here, except I added the door handle to the back door.  Still have to make brick lining for fireplace.

Dining Room:  I added the 1648 painting of a sailboat, and you can see that I have the chandelier all ready to hang :)  I finished the right hand wall, which you can't see very clearly in this photo. None of the walls has been glued into place yet.

Hallway:  The left hand wall is mostly done -- high panelling with the wall painted white above it.  I made the floor while I was invigilating a student's exam -- it took every bit of 2 hours to complete!  I'm thrilled with how it worked out, though, and can recommend Traditional Elegance Tiles's Marlike floor tiles to everyone. 

Parlour:  This will be the parlour's fireplace. This room will be half panelled and have scenic wallpaper above the panelling. This is one of two lovely fireplaces I bought from The Miniature Fireplace Company (part of Dovetails).  The other, the Classic, is for the bedroom. Highly recommended.

Fireplace for Blue and White Room: I adore this piece!  Look at the detail on it.  It's truly exquisite and came with the hearth (I bought it through an eBay auction which included the hearth).  It's by Plastercraft Interiors in the UK -- their eBay shop is periodmouldings.  I recommend them highly, too.

So much to do!  I've cut the wall that will go between the Hall and the Parlour -- now I have to finish it on each side.  I have to cut out the window holes in the back wall, and make the window for the Hall.  Then everything can be glued in place and the ceiling put on!


  1. Oh! Nina! Here at last! I miss you, I miss the photos of your beautiful work ... as you are? well? this house begins to like much!
    welcome back!

  2. Those fireplaces are just gorgeous! I never knew such a company existed.. thanks for the intro.

    Also, the pics are as great as always!

  3. Nice to see you back. The fireplaces are lovely - very elegant. You've really moved on this property even although you've been busy. Can't wait to see it being put together.

  4. Thanks for the link. I went to have a look, and they really have a lot of fine things, and moulds too.
    Love, Susanne

  5. Is a real pleasure to see back in action Super Nina!
    This house is beautiful, with your loving care ... Yeah, you're giving fantastic pieces, with your usual good taste ...
    I love every little detail!
    One thing for another: I am a little worried about Ira. I'm asking everyone if they have heard from her ... You have you got?
    Strong hug from Italy, Flora

  6. The panelling looks very authentic did you make it all from scratch? A very good job. I need to have a go at woodworking it always looks so impressive when done well like this.

  7. The hall looks so elegant Nina! And those fireplaces are amazing! This house is going to be stunning! Great to have you back!

  8. Good to see you back , Nina :). The room is looking great and thanks for the links!!

  9. The fireplace is gorgeous! Everything looks so wonderful!


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