Monday, August 30, 2010

Final stages and first floor glued!

Woo hoo! I'm so excited!

I finished up the last things I absolutely needed to get done before gluing on the first floor.

1. Ceiling roses/decorations. I added a large ceiling rose to the hall and a combination anaglypta/small rose to the parlour. To keep the holes lined up, I used a wire which worked very well:

2.  A frieze around the top of the wallpaper in the Parlour, to hide the fact that the wallpaper doesn't go all the way to the ceiling :)  I used a section of the anaglypta -- it's not perfect (more Regency than George I :), but it does finish things off and it was cheap and easy!

(I'm amused by the way the light comes through the wall in the Parlour :)  Once there are bricks on the outside of the foam, of course, things will be a little less glowing :))

3. Finally, I glued on a beam on the kitchen end wall to support the first floor at that side:

And so, this morning, I glued on the first floor!

With the ceiling on, now I can finish some of the downstairs trim, like the "crown moulding" in the dining room.  I used a small 1:1 moulding with an embossed egg and dart pattern.  Here it is, unfinished, being fitted to size, with mitred corners:

And here it is stained, and glued into place:  (the only place it's not glued to the ceiling is the front of the chimney piece, because the whole chimney piece is removeable so I can fix any lighting problems that may develop).

Now I can install all the lighting fixtures and wire them up!


  1. It's lovely... all of it! I am really enjoying following your progress! You work so quickly!

  2. Wow, it's amazing!!! You've done such a fantastic job! I love the wallpaper, wood floors, and all the woodwork. This is going to one gorgeous house! I want to see the whole thing. :)

  3. It's all coming together very well - you're right to be excited!

  4. Thanks, Ara, Kristy and Irene -- I really am very excited at this point :) After a month not being able to work on the house, it feels wonderful to have a little time and energy for it.

    I'm wiring up a storm right now -- for me one of the payoffs of miniature-making is seeing it lit up, and I just can't wait to throw the switch and (unless I've really buggered things up, which happens a lot with electrics) seeing the little house come to life :)

  5. It all looks so beautiful. I love the use of 1:1 size trims and wallpaper. They all look perfectly scaled in the dollhouse when you use the rights bits. :)

  6. Nina, I am excited with you!
    The work is fabulous, a dream ... The birth of a dollhouse moves me like a blossoming flower :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  7. Beautiful, as enterteining as a novel. I love to watch at the growth of your house.Rosanna

  8. Oops !, looks like I`m going to be the odd one out here.
    With the gratest rspect Nina, SLOW DOWN !. The frieze looks a little on the large side, ie, too deep/tall. A short cut me thinks, and that is what it screams out to me. Your impatience may be your downfall.
    Other than that, as you were sergeant !.



  9. As always, I love the details of your work. The idea for the frieze is great, I´ll have to go to my local store, to see what I can find...


  10. Wonderful work and so interesting to follow you step by step ! This house will be a think which you can really proud of ! Jeannette

  11. You've been making great progress. The rooms look really good. It's a good tip qith the Anaglypta too - works well and you can even paint bits if you have a very swanky room.

  12. Thanks for your comments, Ian, Jeannette and Jennifer!

    The Anaglypta is really useful -- I wish I lived in the UK where it's easier to get a wide variety of patterns. Here in North America we're much more limited unless we special-order things. I like the idea of painting bits, Jennifer!

  13. Me encanta visitarte y ver los maravillosos progresos que estas haciendo.
    Te esta quedando genial.
    besitos ascension

  14. Es muy buena idea lo de ir añadiendo el techo cuendo ya has terminado toda la decoración. Esos rosetos que le has puesto son preciosos.
    Volveré a ver las luces encendidas :)
    Besos Clara.


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