Thursday, August 26, 2010

First celing decoration and light fixture

I bought a roll of anaglypta wallpaper border from Home Depot (most North Americans know anaglypta as dimensioned wallpaper) to use for ceiling decorations, as the raised designs mimic decorative plaster work quite well.  I cut out the central motif and gave it a go this morning in the dining room.

Last night I painted the "ceiling" side of the plywood flat white.  With the ceiling on in the correct position this morning, I drilled holes in the centres of each of the four rooms.

I made a hole in the centre of my ceiling decoration.  I then flipped the plywood over so the white side was up and aligned the hole in the decoration with the hole in the dining room part of the ceiling, trying to keep the whole thing square to the sides of the plywood (and trying to remember which part of the upside down ceiling was the dining room!)

When I flipped the plywood over and had a look at the dining room from below, I realized my mistake!  I had estimated the centre of the room by the distance between the two walls -- I should have used the right hand wall and the edge of the chimney breast!

It may be centred in the room, but it isn't centred over the table, and that would drive me nuts!

So I peeled it off (I'm glad I checked right away, while the glue was still wet!) drilled a new hole and moved the whole gubbins over about an inch :),.

Then I just had to see what one of the chandeliers looks like, so I just stuck it up temporarily:


  1. Dear Nina, the result is excellent (the chandelier is fine)!
    Nervous when we make mistakes so stupid, almost always on a hurry to conclude ...
    I ripped the wallpaper in a room trying to remove a picture wrong attached, uff :-(
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. Yes, it's true, Flora -- most of the mistakes we make, I think, are because we're in a hurry! I remember when I decided that I wanted to remove a light fixture from the castle, and pulled it off, instead of working it off gently -- I totally pulled out the wires and destroyed the fixture! I'll never do that again, I hope!

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts and today there's two! It's an easy mistake to make with the measuring but at least it was simple to correct. It certainly looks the part.

  4. I was just in too much of a hurry to see what it looked like to really THINK it through first. I was relieved that it was simple enough to remove and reposition, and that the white glue just rubbed off the ceiling paint most cooperatively. At least I've made that mistake and I'll know what to do with rooms with chimney breasts in the future!

  5. I love the way this room looks with the ceiling! And that chandelier is beautiful! Sometimes it really takes 'til the ceiling is in place to be able to "see" the room (at least for me) so I can understand your hurrying to get it done! Always a good thing to test fit..... again and again! Maybe its just that with the ceiling in place, the photos are more from eye level of a person in the room and so it starts to have that feeling of realism.... It's looking GREAT Nina!

  6. Thanks so much, DD :) I like the chandelier, too, but I think I'm going to remove the honking huge crystal from the bottom of it -- it looks oddly out of scale to me, now that I look at photos of it.

    Yeah, I love seeing things come together -- it really helps. Tomorrow I want to finish the ceiling decorations and start cutting styrofoam for the first floor!


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