Monday, August 23, 2010

Ground floor of WAMH glued!

It's all glued up now -- lots still to do on these rooms, but the structure is done!  I added the wall between the dining room and hallway, glued and taped it in place and let it set.  Then I glued the stairway unit in place (after doing some last minute patching on the tile floor -- needed to add a couple of tiles because my initial pattern was not perfect).  Then I glued the final interior wall in place and taped everything snug.

Here's the dining room as it stands today:

Here's the hallway.  I love the clock here (it's the House of Miniatures William and Mary clock kit that Eva put together beautifully), and I am still in love with the Masters Miniatures Charles II side chair.  I think it's one of the most pleasing miniature things I own :)

And here's the Parlour:

Here's a close up of the fireplace and overmantle:  I had to use a couple of coats of white paint on the overmantle until it was white enough to match the plaster fireplace :)  It was sort of ivory to begin with ...

Now it all starts over again, but this time for the first floor!


  1. Few pieces, chosen with great care, as your usual.
    Overall, a great elegance and sobriety in this house.
    How good will the first floor :-)

  2. Una fantastica casa, sobria, elegante y con estilo.
    besitos ascension

  3. It has all come together beautifully. I am a great fan of Masters Miniatures too.

  4. Just marvellous - you must have been so pleased to see it all come together.

  5. Very Beautiful, Nina.... and to think you have been gathering all those perfect pieces way before the house even existed! Such clear vision! I admire that so much!

  6. Te esta quedando fantastica.
    Es realmente preciosa y est llena detalles preciosos.
    Besitos, May


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