Thursday, August 26, 2010

Front door of WAMH

I'm a long way off from being able to install the front door, but I picked up a ready-made unit a month ago from an eBay auction for a very good price, and it's been calling to me ever since, "make me pretty ... make me pretty ..." :) (It's the Windsor model front door by Dijon, in case you're curious).

I did the faux stone using a base coat of a neutral grey (neither warm nor cool) and then added scumbled layers of lighter, darker and warmer greys.

The hardware I chose was brass, made by Sussex Crafts.  I really love the detail on their work. 

It's very "Number 10, Downing Street", isn't it?  :)

And here it is in front of the Hall -- roughly where it will be once the house is completed and I've made up and attached the front panels (heavens knows how long it will be before that point is reached!)


  1. Very impressive Nina. The stonework looks great. I'm a fan of Sussex Crafts too!

  2. Beautiful door and the celling decoration!:)

  3. The main door anthracite is fabulous! You've become (or have always been?) a teacher in the art of color and your stylistic choices are impeccable.
    Among other things, you're going as fast as a train. I am sure it will take less than you think to install the front panel :-)
    I am studying a formula for shrinkage and dematerialization: If found, make a detour even in your house, I like it too :-)

  4. The Door Looks great. I have the same one, on one of my Houses..xx

  5. Love the door and the knocker!! Every great home needs a great door!!! -ara

  6. Thanks, Debbie! I really like this model ...

    Ara -- thank you! I agree, the front door is very important! I suppose I should have tried to build it from scratch, but I liked this one so much and just went for the easier route :)

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  8. Nina,

    The house sure is going to be lovely!!! Your door is wonderful. I LOVE Sussex Crafts web site. I plan to use several things they offer. I like their kitchen sink I am planning to use it in my house.

  9. Te ha quedado preciosa. La aldaba o llamador es un detalle fantastico.
    Besitos, May


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