Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chimney pots and sandstone quoins from Romney Miniatures

I'm so excited!  My order from Romney Miniatures in the UK has arrived at lightening speed and it's just perfect.

First of all, I ordered six large chimney pots for the main chimneys on the WAMH.

I applied a layer of tacky glue to the tops of the chimneys and then a layer of spackle/crack filler (because it was clear the spackle wasn't going to stick to the wood on its own). I applied glue to the bottom of each chimney pot and stuck them in place into the spackle, and then smoothed things out a bit.

I still have to paint the spackle grey to resemble the bed of mortar it's impersonating, and I need to blacken and soot up the pots themselves, but I'm so pleased!

And my quoin stones also arrived. These are separate sandstone slips, with bevels on three sides, and are sold in packages that will cover roughly 1 m in length.  They're really beautiful and are going to make this house pop!

Now to figure out how to use the sandstone modelling dust I have!


  1. These details make it even more beautiful your home :-)
    Have a nice weekand,

  2. Wow, great pieces. I will have to look up Romney Miniatures! Thanks for the post and great pictures.

  3. Your house is going to be fabulous.

  4. What adorable chimney pots! Mine are from Richard Stacey and came with real soot, but they don't have little crowns like yours.

  5. Everything Richard Stacey makes is superb, Anna -- my next project is going to be a flint-faced pub with brick quoins, and I'm going to use his pebble mixture :)

  6. The chimney pots are an excellent purchase and set it all off really well.

    I like the "my next project........"! Glad to hear we wont see the end of you with the finish of the WAMH!


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