Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A roast by Kiva, whitewood furniture and topiaries

Just wanted to show you a couple of things I got in the mail yesterday.  First is this amazing roast beef by Kiva Atkinson, one of the greatest polymer clay miniature food artists in the world.

I've long wanted a piece by Kiva, and my number one wish was for a beef roast.  In person it's even more eerily perfect than in photos.  Another thing I adore about this piece is that it would work in a miniature scene in almost any period.  Thank you so much, Kiva -- I'll treasure it!  Kiva's blog is Kiva's Miniatures and you can find her work for sale in her eBay shop, user name jklr4.

I've gone back and forth on what sort of display piece to use in the Blue and White Room in the William and Mary House, and finally I decided to buy this Queen Anne dresser from Minimum World in the UK.

It's unfinished (if you're searching for it on UK sites, it's called whitewood) furniture, and I'll stain it and maybe do a little surface decoration of some sort.  I'll certainly replace the handles.  I love the details on this piece:  the legs are quite elegant, the scalloping at the top and especially the bottom is lovely, and the little finials at the bottom are an unexpectedly charming touch.  I've ordered lots of whitewood pieces from Minimum World and they arrive promptly, well-packaged, and MW's shipping costs to North America are very reasonable. 

Finally, here's one of the projects the Knitwits and I made last Thursday to be part of our upcoming giveaway:  topiary trees!  I'm so happy with how these have turned out :)  More soon!


  1. Topairy looks great, thanks for the info about the whitewood furniture. I love being able to finish the pieces myself.


  2. The dresser is a lovely piece - I've ordered from Minimum World myself in the past and have always been pleased with the service. The roast looks really great, and you're right - eerily realistic. Thanks for pointing us in Kiva's direction.

  3. Kiva's minis are superb - I don't know how she does it!!
    Thanks for the link to the whitewood furniture, the pre-finished stuff is never quite right . . . :)
    I just love the topiary tree :)))

  4. Hello Nina ... Tonight you showed three wonderful things!
    The roast is just right (do not even need a meat thermometer to understand that it is perfectly cooked, pink inside ...);
    The dresser is beautiful, tall and slim: very elegant. I'm sure you turns it into a fabulous piece.
    And the topiary ... I would need for the entrance of my dollhouse :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, my dear friend

  5. WOW! That roast is FANTASTIC! I could join you for dinner? Please? And the cupboard.... just as Flora says! And the topiaries are amazing! Really really yummy... all of it! I can't wait to see it all in place in your house....!

  6. Hello Nina, I found randomly on the blog of Carolina in Spain, on September 16 was your birthday .... forgives, I do not know! I hope you like the same, my best wishes, albeit very late ...
    Kiva I know, and I follow his blog for some time, I love his work!
    The white body is very nice, thanks for the link of the store, I'm going to see ...
    The topiaries are very beautiful, very realistic, well done!
    I am still waiting for news on English pub ... Then you decide if you build it? I would have something for it ...
    kisses! Caterina

  7. Kivas work is awesome. What I like most of all on this piece is hot she has the blood soaked into the board...so realistic.

    Love that dresser too.

    You did great on the topiaries.

  8. El topiaria esta en maceta y Una preciosa Muy elegante.
    TIENES Razón Que es la carne de increible es Kivas, ha Compra Hecho Una Buena.
    El mueble no NECESITA Mucho Cambio. Ya enseñarás colocas Donde lo.
    Besos Clara

  9. Wooohoo!!!! Thanks guys, and thank you Nina, for having one of my pieces in one of your FANTASTIC settings!!!! You are genius, woman!!!


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