Friday, July 2, 2010

Doll by Teresa Thompson

I ordered a doll for Mum's roombox from master dollmaker Teresa Thompson aka Costume Cavalcade in the UK, and it arrived today!  I'm so excited!

The doll's model name is Dulcie #2, and she's one of Teresa's gorgeous Edwardian children.  The details on this tiny work of art have to be seen to be appreciated -- she's perfect in every respect.  I'm still undecided on whether I want dolls in my houses or not (I think I may prefer just cats :), but if I was going to have dolls, I'd start with Teresa's work.  She's a real expert on costume, and that's very important to me :)

This is a pair of William and Mary/Queen Anne dolls circa 1690 -- doesn't he look like the somewhat more serious, less libertine younger brother of Sue's wonderful dummy board, Gentleman with a Cane, aka, Lord Fancypants?

And this is Teresa's early Georgian family, circa 1720.  Aren't they GORGEOUS?

Okay, I think I may have to have dolls after all!

Thank you, thank you, Teresa, for your wonderful work :)


  1. Nina, you've made a good choice ... After all, the doll houses are so called precisely because we are inside the dolls! This child, I love especially socks and shoes: find the perfect, almost touching!
    I am sure your mom love it :-)

  2. She is very sweet - I love her little hair ribbon! I have one dollshouse with dolls and one without....I'm sure your mother will be absolutely delighted with this dear little girl!!

  3. It's really cute and I'm sure that your mom will be more than delighted to have her in the roombox :)

    I'm still in the animal phase - I ordered an witch mouse from Fiver to my witches house :D

  4. All dolls are beautiful but the girl you bought for your mam is so pretty and cute!:)I am sure your Mum will love her!

  5. Es genial, no dude que en su casa quedaran perfectos,el regalo de su mama es preciosa
    un abrazo

    It is brilliant, he does not doubt that in its house were remaining perfect, the gift of his breast is beautiful
    An embrace


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