Friday, June 25, 2010

Current photos of the Great Hall - June 2010

I rolled up my sleeves and did some wiring this morning, and tidied up the Great Hall, so I want to show you what things look like right now.

(The empty window holes are still driving me crazy -- I MUST do something about them ... grr ...)

I hung the new chandelier, and I wired in my homemade rustic bracket sconce, and it works!  Huzzah!

Here's the aumbry -- I haven't put on the hinges and the little doodad that holds the door closed because ... I lost them :(  So the door is just wedged in there :)  But I'm really pleased with the way the finishing worked out.  It's mahogany, and I didn't want it to look like mahogany, because that's just not even close to being period.  So I stained it with oak, which toned down the red, and I varnished it with a mixture of varnish and some raw umber, and then I aged it a bit with some black brushed on, especially at the bottom.  It really brings out the extra rustic carving I did :)  I think Tom's fruit bowl looks super on top!  I'm really pleased that I bought the kit -- it was the most expensive single item I bought in England (30 GPB) but it's totally worth it for such an iconic piece.

Oh, and a package arrived for me yesterday from eBay seller rowan307 -- a set of hand decorated wooden tableware suitable for Medieval/Tudor settings.  I really like it!


  1. The Great Hall looks marvellous Nina - just right and the table setting really sets it off. That was an excellent purchase.

  2. Thanks so much, Irene -- I'm going to have a go at making some Tudor food, I think, to put in the bowls and so forth. Maybe. Perhaps :)

  3. Beautiful Great Hall! And I still am in love with the aumbry, even without the hinges;)Beautiful tableware!

  4. I am so envious that you have managed to make a light and so effective too. Bannisters and lighting drive me mad. I always put off the wiring even though I know it looks gorgeous.
    I purchased the set from Rowen too for my witch house. It's great cos you can tart it up a bit if you want or leave it simple and stack shelves with it.

  5. Oh, wow - it looks fantastic, Nina! I love all the little bits of pewter and wood, and I love love love the great fireplace.

  6. Wonderful room to see and the lamp I like it,very good.

  7. It looks just fabulous! I really can't say what's my favorite piece as together they make the whole room so beautiful :)

  8. It's magical how you fill the scene with life! The wooden tableware was a great buy, it's perfect for the great hall!

  9. Pero que maravilla!!!
    La mesa con todos sus detalles, me encanta!!
    Los cuadros geniales, la lampara preciosa.......el conjunto es magico!!!
    besitos ascension

  10. It is truely wonderful! I LOVE the fireplace and the pewter!!! That medieval cabinet is great!!! It is the one for food but I have forgotten what they are called.
    Beautiful work Nina. You must be so very proud of it! :-)

  11. la verdad es que no puedo dejar de mirar las fotos esta usted consiguiendo algo espectacular.
    un abrazo

    The truth is that I can not stop looking at the photos this you obtaining something spectacular.
    An embrace

  12. This looks just wonderful! I love the light - it looks just like a real one!

  13. Oh, Nina, I think that now only missing Paolo and Francesca, who read the book convict .. Behind the tapestry hides the evil Gianciotto Malatesta, armed with the knife that leads them to a "death" ... A wonder!
    I like everything, a lot.
    For windows, perhaps you could create collage with those colored translucent sheets that are used to bind the dispensations: you can draw and cut out easily. Once all the pieces together, skim the joints with a gold pen for painting on glass (add thickness) and here is your great Gothic windows!
    I am sure your imagination and dexterity to allow you to obtain an excellent result. In my parish there is a beautiful stained glass window inspired by the story of San Giorgio and the dragon: will not tell you how wonderful ...
    For now, I salute you and wish you a good and successful weekend

  14. ¡Que hall mas maravilloso
    Te ha queado de lomásreal.
    No le falta detalle.
    La lampara me encata.
    Besitos, May

  15. Nina, the hall is looking so beautiful! I know what you mean about the old dollhouse had no glass in the windows and it has bothered me my whole will be happy to know I have finally made the windows! It makes such a difference, enclosing the space and adding that realism....I know you will make something stunning....:)


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