Friday, April 30, 2010

Janet Granger needlepoint cushion

A few days ago I received my first order from UK artist Janet Granger, who designs and sells an amazing range of 1:12 scale needlepoint kits for everything from firescreens to rugs to bell pulls.  I had been looking for suitable cushion patterns for the little Queen Anne settee that Kris Compas made for me, and decided to pay for a kit, partly for the convenience, but mostly because I really liked the design.

I ordered "Sophie", a Georgian patterned cushion that I hoped would go well with the pretty fabric that Kris supplied.  It came beautifully packaged with everything required and stitched up quite quickly on 22 count canvas (in spite of my inevitable mistakes).  I think it's even prettier in person than it was on line -- thanks for such a lovely design, Janet :)

I also ordered a Willow patterned bell pull for the new house.  I doubt if bell pulls just like this one were in common use in the early 1700s, and I know for sure that the Willow pattern is later than my period, but I want to have a room dedicated to blue and white export ceramics, and just couldn't resist it! (To hell with rigorous historical accuracy!) It's on 32 count silk gauze, and comes with a cast metal bellpull end.  I'll do this one sometime later, when my eyes are feeling brighter!


  1. Your 'Sophie' cushion is beautiful, I have the matching footstool :0)
    Good luck with the bellpull, 32 count is tiny, I don't know if my eyes could take it either!
    Julia x

  2. Really? Small world (pun intended) heh heh heh. The footstool is very pretty, too. Actually I want to order a footstool from YOU, Julia -- you do such lovely work.

    I'm not so sure about the 32 count -- maybe I'll hand it to one of my small stitching elves to make up for me!

  3. Hi Nina. Very beautiful these kits. I like especially the cord to call the servants. I've got to pack five, one for each room, and thought of them in silk. But expect to see yours: might decide to cross stitch!
    Good job :-)

  4. Thats beautiful you have done a great job with it

  5. The cushion is beautiful! I just wanted to suggest that with that bellpull you could ask Tiddles for help but then I read your comment to Julia ;) I am so curious about that white-blue ceramics room!

  6. The cushion looks fab and it goes so well with the sofa :) I'm in the middle of ordering a sofa and possibly a couple of chairs from Kris, as her work is just fab :)

    And I agree with the accurancy with history - to hell with it :D My Poe house will have some bad mistakes, but I want it to look how I've imagined it so who cares :D

    I'm hunting also for good blue and white china as I want tons of them in my Lily house :) Can't wait to see yours :)


  7. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Ewa: Yes, if I want to hand it over to someone, it should definitely be Tiddles :)

    Ira: I look forward to seeing the pieces Kris makes for you. She is truly fabulous! I really don't mind anachronisms, if there's something consistent about the vision. I love history, but it's my house, and if I want a Willow patterned bellpull in a circa 1710 house, then that's what I'm going to have!

    One of the category of items I"m going to be looking for in England in May is blue and white china. I collect it in a small way in 1:1 scale, but I dream of having an amazing collection, and 1:12 is going to be my outlet! I also have some plain white pieces and opaque glass paint, and I'm going to see if I can decorate some myself.

  8. Enhorabuena por las compras, son una maravilla
    besitos ascension

  9. Lovely design! I've made some needlepoint cushions, but I must say Janet's designs are amazing! I really love it.


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