Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miniatures retreat this fall: Camp Mini Ha Ha in Nova Scotia!

I'm so excited that I'm going to be going to my first real-life miniatures retreat:  the 12th annual Camp Mini Ha Ha in Cornallis, NS, which takes place at the end of September!

I'm looking forward to five days working, learning and playing with other miniaturists at this great event, which is only two hours away from me, in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

And here's a little peek at a delicious-looking plate of Stilton cheese, bread and grapes by Amanspeak Miniatures in the UK that just arrived: 

Nice work, and suitable for any period!

My roof slates arrived as well, from Richard Stacey, and I've been slating like a mad thing.  More photos of the house, soon!


  1. The bread and cheese looks Delicious, Nina! And the Camp sounds like a Wonderful Fun and Creative time! I look forward to hearing more about it!


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