Monday, March 12, 2012

Meeting East Coast Canadian miniaturists in real life!

I've had a Epiphany of sorts, all thanks to a lady named Cheryl H. :)  I visited her virtual table at the March Online Sale, and was excited to see that she's from Nova Scotia!  After purchasing one of her onion braids, I asked about real life groups in the area, and there are actually several, which makes me very, very happy.

Until now, 99% of my contact with other miniaturists has been online.  Although I've loved this, and it's been both a lifeline and a real pleasure to share the hobby with so many talented artists around the world, I have longed to meet some folks in real life, and now I'm going to!

Cheryl seems to know everyone involved in miniatures in Eastern Canada -- and even further afield, because she runs a Yahoo group devoted to Canadian miniaturists.  Here are some of the links she shared with me:

Canada Minis -- a Yahoo Group  "Canada Minis is a group for miniaturists to gather and share information about the Canadian miniature community, to find out about shows, clubs, places to shop, and other general information about miniatures in Canada.

Shearwater Hobby Show  April 15 and 16 in Shearwater, NS  This model making show includes dollhouse and miniature exhibits and sellers.  I've just booked my table, so I'm going to bring in the Tudor castle kitchen, I think, and some stuff to sell :)

Moncton Miniature and Doll Club -- which also runs an annual dolls house show the first weekend of May.

Miniature Enthusiasts Across Canada --

Miniature Crafters of Nova Scotia -- meets monthly

Camp Mini Ha Ha -- a miniaturists' retreat and camp held annually in Cornwallis, NS.  I want to go!

And I'm talking with a very nice woman from Bridgewater who wants to start a South Shore group.  Things are happening!


  1. Ah the Moncton mini show, my very first dollhouse show (many moons ago). Didn't realize you guys were in the Maritimes :)

  2. Yeah, we're in Lunenburg :) It's too bad the Moncton show is the first weekend in May -- we'll be in England, but I hope to get there another year!

  3. That's cool! Now we will have more fun by meeting more talented fellow-miniaturists. Good luck!

  4. The one big drawback of reading blogs through reader is that you end up missing so much info. Lesson learned. Have fun overseas!


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