Monday, March 26, 2012

1690 miniature sampler by Annelle Ferguson

I finished the main stitching for this sampler last night -- now I'm just deciding whether or not to fill in the background or leave it as is :)

This is a gorgeous kit designed by legendary miniature needleworker and IGMA Fellow Annelle Ferguson, based on a 1690 English band sampler.  It's on 48 count silk gauze making it the tiniest scale thing I've ever stitched (it's just under 2 inches long :)  I can handle this count with my naked (nearsighted) eyes, but any smaller than this and I think I might go a bit nuts.  Or need a magnifier.  Or both.

It's a beautiful design and was a pleasure to stitch. I made a couple of mistakes and I lost Annelle's red thread (so continued with a different shade) but I love it, my imperfections and all :) It's a beautiful design.

I'm going to frame it and it'll go in the WAMH, as a souvenir of my 1:12 scale alter ego's late 17th century youth!


  1. Your sampler is lovely, Nina! I have always wanted to make a Jacobean Style Crewel bed curtains..... But I have yet to start to learn to do the Mini stitches!

  2. 48 count! I applaud you. I am working on a 28 count and that is small enough for me. It is not a miniature by any means. It will be 14 x 8 inches once completed. I have been working on this for 2 years on and off...more off than on.


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