Friday, March 9, 2012

March Online Miniature Show

I've just been checking the wares at the March Online Miniature show -- there are some beautiful items!  I think there could be more information about the show in general, the listing of vendors could be better organized (perhaps by scale and then by category) and the process of ordering could be clearer or more streamlined (it seems to be largely by email) but it's a great idea and I'm shopping!

There are lots of small scale minis available for those collecting in that scale -- especially 1/4".

Some of my favourites:

Lots of gorgeous ephemera for many periods from Monsterrat Folch, including this sealed letter set and ribbon-tied letters:

Gorgeous creations by Oiseau de Nim, including these peonies:

Stunning traditionally-made baskets by Australian Basketcase Miniatures:

Very attractive and reasonably priced food (including lots of sweets and cakes) from Amanspeak Miniatures:

I could go on, but I must dash!  Do check it out -- the sale is on now until Tuesday!

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  1. Such cute little things :) It's quite an amasing doll house you're making :)


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