Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mini samplers almost done!

Here are the two 1:12 scale samplers I've been working on: the one of the right is done and the other is almost there!

The one of the left is Nancy Sturgeon's early 18th century Adam and Eve sampler from Annelle Ferguson's great book, Traditional needlework in miniature. The one of the right is from Pamela Warner's excellent Miniature embroidery for the Georgian dolls' house.

I want to get them done so I can block them and frame them, along with the Annelle Ferguson I stitched earlier this year.  It's sampler mania!

And I also want to get on to my next stitching project: the Lucy Iducovich Persian rug from Ferguson's book.


  1. Nina these samplers are fantastic! What count is the mesh you are using? It looks very fine. Chas

  2. Nina, Your samplers are just Gorgeous!!! You really are good at these tiny stitcheries! I can't wait to see your new rug!


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