Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting ready to raise the roof on the WAHM

Last night I finished applying bricks to the main chimneys.

A mixture of Richard Stacey's brick slips and bricks made from sandpaper.

Today I took the next step to finishing the WAMH, and got the roof ready to be attached.

I taped together the roof and then David and I measured angles and made the interior walls out of 1/2" builders' foam. I was originally just going to make a template out of the foam and cut the actual wall out of 3/8" plywood, but after seeing how nice the foam walls look, I decided to just go with the foam.

I used the template on the interior door package to cut the door openings in the foam.

I've painted everything now and, as soon as I've resized the stair opening, I will glue everything together!


  1. I have never used foam board but it looks much easier to cut than ply and I expect its much lighter? A lovely space to fill!!

  2. Hello Nina,
    Great work. The chimenys look beautiful.

  3. The bricks are fab, I have seen peeps use sandpaper before, great really can't tell and makes the kit super light too! :o)

    We can only buy the thinner foamboard in the UK and it can warp. I have been looking at insulation supplies (in DIY shops), and there are other similar things that may work. So much easier to cut than wood too!

    Michelle :o)


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