Thursday, October 25, 2012

Knitwits working hard on their houses!

We had such a lovely Knitwits today!

This is Ruth's cottage. Last week she installed the shutters she had scratch-built -- I think they look marvellous.

She's chosen to model the fireplace after one in Port Royal.  Here's her reference photo:

 She got a lot of work done today choosing the palette of brick colours, cutting out bricks, base coating the high density foam that will become the chimney piece and so forth.

 Esther forged ahead with her Tudor merchant's house.  Here it is, definitely under construction!

The chimney breast is ready for her mantlepiece design, she finished building her basic stairs today and stained all the linings for the doors and windows. There's going to be a bookcase under the stairs, which will be partly enclosed in panelling, and there will be an inglenook next to the fireplace, with a bench perfect for curling up on and doing needlework.  Or so says Esther :)

The stairs are triangular lengths of balsa wood glued onto a backing of meranti board.  So easy to do, even for a young person!

And me?  I was pretty low energy when we started, but my young friends always make me feel better, no matter what mood I'm in :) I did a lot of work on my brick chimneys.  And, best of all, the WAMH is now in the living room -- it's getting too cold upstairs to work on it, and I really want to make a push this winter to get it done, so David kindly allowed me to bring it down and work on it here!  I packed everything up, we carried it downstairs and I've given it a good cleaning :)

The roof is just balanced on, but this is a HUGE house!


  1. Wow! The Knitwits work is so inspiring! Their projects are each so individual and so well thought out! I LOVE seeing the reference photo for the chimney.... and I LOVE the inglenook under the stairs! If I wasn't so busy trying to complete my Tiny House I'd be starting up a cottage from foam like these!
    And it's Great to see the WAMH ready for more work! I Love seeing the whole house at once .... it makes the relationship of the different rooms clear to see!
    It's so much fun to see your group back to work! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's a good pic of the whole house. Like Daydreamer, I like to see how all the rooms relate to one another.


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