Thursday, October 11, 2012

Knitwits back at work!

Ruth, Esther and I had a great day at Knitwits today.  We got right back to work on our mini projects after a long summer away from them.

I finished slating the back part of the WAMH's roof -- now I can put the thing together!  Woo hoo!

I also started the landscaping of the crofter's cottage -- I learned these techniques from Adrian at Camp Mini Ha Ha two weeks ago, and they work like a charm.  I laid out my areas of planting and path, and under painted where needed. I carved raised beds with slanting edges out of florist's foam and glued it in place.  I then underpainted the foam at the top where the plants will go, leaving the edges green for the grass. 

I mad a bit of path out of some natural slate Adrian gave us at camp, and filled in with tiny gravel and sand.  I applied glue to the florist's foam and added green railway flocking and dried tea leaves for grass and dirt, respectively.

Now I just have to make a lot of plants!

Ruth got a lot of work done on her cottage.  She stained her chairs with her homemade oak stain and got her shutters ready to install.  They all have their leather hinges on and have been carved and roughened up where needed.

Esther prepared and stained the frames to go around the interior door, and will install them and the door next week.  She also used the Minwax English Oak stain on her new Welsh dresser and made an oaken threshold for the kitchen door.

Next week should be very exciting!


  1. It's Great to see the Nit Wits back at work! I'm enjoying seeing the progress on their projects. Your little bit of landscaping is looking pretty good even without the flowers! Is there a reason to use florist's foam rather than cast off pieces of the builders foam? Eventually I will be working on the landscape around the Folly and Tree House.... and would love to know what you think!

  2. Great job !! It looks wonderful !! I'm looking forward to see the plants.
    Greetings Dorien.

  3. Hello Nina,
    Once again your work is absolutely beautiful.
    Big hug,


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