Saturday, September 29, 2012

Second day at Camp Mini Ha Ha -- structures!

This is the model project: outside ...
And inside!
Here are some photos of the model project which is itself a group effort.  Samm Brockhurst designed and made the kits of builders foam for the structure and is helping us with windows and doors.  Janet Harvey designed and styled the interior and is teaching us to make the chair and window treatment.  Adrian Cooper has done the exterior finish, foam carving and landscaping, all of which she is teaching us.  And Wayne Dieleman, husband of Liz, the proprietor of Grandpa's Doll House, prepared the lighting kits and taught us the basics of LED lighting.

I may have mentioned that this is a creative group of people. Here are some examples of how supportive the instructors are of individual creative vision and why this is a really special environment.

Walking around the work room on Friday I snapped a few shots of some of the various versions of this scene:

Mary Anne is making a Tuscan wine and tea shop!
Kelly is making an upscale hobbit hole.
Shelley's also making a hobbit hole, with extensive landscaping!
And here's the inside of my cottage so far!

On Friday I worked on light fixtures: an outside lantern, a candlestick and candle and a wooden wallsconce with reflector.  I found the PERFECT bit of stuff for a candle reflector, by the way -- it was on the freebie table of craft supplies and is one of those ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) tags they give you for the day to show you've paid your entrance fee-  Couldn't have been better!

Janet taught us a simple method for making curtains that look as if they have weight.

I finished a pair of chair I'd brought along -- the one of the right is just stained and the other was stained and then touched up with acrylic paint.

We also had kit sales and a lovely woman who is making a CBC Radio feature about the strange and wonderful world of miniaturists!  Some very interesting discussions were had late last night about the nature of our hobby/obsession and what it says about us!


  1. OOOOH what Fun you are having!!! I Love the glimpses of what everybody is building and how different they are ... from each other AND from the model!!! What a Great opportunity to learn so much hands on technique from those who know!!! I can't wait to see what you will show next! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  2. Wow, so many talents, so many interesting ideas! What a fun! and you still have time to make posts for us. Thanks for that a lot!

  3. What a fabulous experience this is! :)


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