Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Camp Mini Ha Ha -- first evening

This is one of my favourite room boxes on display in the Exhibit Room:  it's called "Fixer Upper" and really reminds me of our house when we started ripping it apart :)  It's even got layers and layers of wallpaper over lathes!

I write this from the Annapolis Basic Conference Centre (the former Cornwallis Armed Forces Base) where I am ensconced in my very nice room after a busy day, a long drive and a few hours of exposition and hilarity :)

I am pretty much overwhelmed by the energy and talent of all these lovely people! Tonight was a bit of a blur -- looking at the exhibits in the Exhibit Room, trying to learn names, trying to pay attention and absorb the culture I've just dropped myself into.  I'm pretty socially awkward in large groups where I don't have a leadership role, so I generally cope by going quiet and trying to work out who's who and what's what ...

I think this is a lovely group of lunatics with a long shared history :)

After the announcements and introductions (there are about 35 of us, mostly from Ontario and Eastern Canada, with one, lone, American -- Mary Anne, I and and other woman are the only newbies) we had the draw for the first night's Giftie.  On each of the five nights of Camp, everyone who has brought a Giftie gets to participate in the gift exchange.  Seriously, the standard of work here is extremely high all around -- I would have been honoured to receive any of the items.  To my delight, I was chosen to receive this:

Isn't it stunning?  It's a handmade window with real lead and I adore it!  It's by Kelly Pinheiro, and I can't wait to incorporate it into something ...

I just figured out that in my mad rush to get everything packed and in the car I forgot the tube and mask for my CPAP machine, so we'll see what kind of sleep I get.  I have to be up very early (breakfast is at 7:45, I believe, with the first session of the day starting at 8:30 -- NOT opera hours :)) so I'm going to turn in now.  Goodnight, and more tomorrow!


  1. Nina, it all sounds so exciting.... and a bit Overwhelming!!! I'm like you in big groups... ! Hang in there I am sure you will feel at home in no time! That prize looks like a treasure! I can't wait to see what else you get to make....! Sleep well!

  2. Thanks so much, Daydreamer -- have a good night, too!

  3. I remember seeing that room box from previous years at camp.. I am so jealous, wish I was there. I love the group of lunatics. Word to the wise though don't get in a car with Kelly kidding, she's wonderful! Enjoy your time at camp, you will love it and the ladies!

  4. Hi, Wanda -- thanks for the advice :) We may need to warn Kelly about MY driving, though!


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