Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday at Camp Mini Ha Ha -- work continues, plus sale and AUCTION!

I am over the moon -- so happy and excited! I won the most beautiful things in the auction this evening, and can't wait to tell you all about it ...

My piece is gluing up and I've added the wood trim.  Tomorrow, I landscape!  One of the things I finished today was this rather rough little grate and stove for the crofter's cottage's fireplace -- it's all made from mat board with a Tic Tac bed of coals :)

We all continued work on our projects today -- the pieces continue to astonish and delight me.

Our British camper, Anne, has made a very creative inside/outside scene using a turntable.  Really ingenious.

Nancy is famous for sticking most closely to the prototype project :)  I love the black trim here.

Elizabeth is making a stately wizard's room ... the outside ...

... and the inside!

Love Sherry's wainscotting and trim on this one.

This is Kelly's dark and mysterious house, which she says will be full of trees.  Sounds fabulously fairy-tale like.

Debbie P's version has lots of windows.

This afternoon was the open house, when non-participants are allowed to come in and see what we're up to.  I had a table in the Sales Room from which I sold mini books, book kits, furniture and decorated china.  I actually sold enough to be able to go shopping and participate in the auction in the evening!

Here are some of the lovely things I bought this afternoon: paper flowers, cutting boards (which I'll turn into something special), an LED battery operated table lamp for my Mum's birthday (and her room box), another pussy cat, a Bonnie Lavish tulip kit, a wonderful ham for the William and Mary kitchen and a deer's head for the castle.  I also picked up two pieces of pottery by Joanne Shaw to add to my pottery collection -- like all her work they're dead in scale -- fine, fine work.

And the instant I walked into the Auction room (which helps raise money for Camp Mini Ha Ha's continuing existence) I fell in love with one lot -- a pad of graph paper, a dark green 1:1 scale mug with a mini theme ... and a pair of sterling silver candlesticks by Canadian silversmith Greg Matuskovsky, who is carrying on the work of his late father, Vladamir Matuskovsky.  When I say I fell in love with them, it's not an analogy -- something "pinged" in my heart.  I don't have a lot of money, but I had made enough this weekend, thanks to so many generous campers, and this was the one item I wanted to get.

And I did!

I took this picture with my phone camera which doesn't really have a macro lens, but it'll give you an idea :)  They are about an inch and a half tall,  with exquisite detail and are in my favourite style (square bases with barley twist bodies).  I am ECSTATIC!  Thanks so much to Betty who generously donated it to CMHH's auction and to Debbie P. who let me win it :)


  1. Wow! How exciting this all is!

    Brilliant work you have shown, love the idea of the tic tac box for the flames.

    And, the treasures you purchased! Lovely! :)

  2. I can share your excitement! Not only to be in the company of all those talented people, but also win minis from the auction and buy all these wonderful things! The silver candlesticks are to dye for! Keep following your progress and report, Natalia

  3. OOOOH, Nina!! Those candlesticks are Unbelievable!!!! You are so Lucky!!! All the projects look like so much FUN! It is so interesting to see everybody going in their own direction.... and what a Variety there is! I look forward to seeing how your room is shaping up... the fire box from tic tac box is such a wonderful re-use of materials!

  4. Thanks for sharing your "Camp" experience. The candlesticks by Greg are beautiful. I have a candelabra and some flatware made by his father and they are treasured items.

  5. great post, I love the texture on Elizabeth's wizzard room exterior. What materials did she use? Can you describe the process? (Your purchases were great too )

    1. Hello, Troy! First of all she carved the basic stone blocks into the foam, then she added some spackle to create the raised ones where she wanted them. It's quite effective, isn't it?


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