Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some miniature makers on ArtFire

I apologize for  the long silence!  David and I are in Toronto visiting some people, so our minds are on the 1:1 world, mostly :)  However, we made a little trip to the Little Dollhouse Company, and I know that David bought me some 1:12 birthday presents, so more to come!  (I'm so excited!)

I was browsing on ArtFire (a craft sales venue like Etsy but with better customer service for the sellers :) and just wanted to share a few of the craftspeople selling miniatures there. 


The Twelfth Dimension is an artisan from the United States who makes a variety of items in 1:12 scale, most notably vintage-looking toys and games and household items.  Many of them are kits.  Such cute things!  Look at that giraffe pulltoy kit, for example :)  Or this bakelite-looking radio:


This French artisan makes 1:12 scale books, mostly children's picture books.  Very cute looking!

Fairy Furnishings

Fairy Furnishings makes and sells 1:12 scale rustic furniture suitable for fairies, of course, but also, perhaps, for a very nature-oriented witch :)  I love the little bench, below:


  1. Thanks for sharing those wonderful Etsy sellers :)

  2. Thank You for that link. I have had a look and I will be opening a shop there in the next few days.



  3. welcome back! you've missed me! as you are? What day is your birthday?? I write on my blog! when you start the project of the Pub? I expect to see it!
    thank you reported the link, the pictures are very beautiful!
    many kisses! Caterina


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