Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday presents, lights and paintings

Oh dear, I've been such a bad blogger!

We had a great trip to Toronto, and when we got back there was such a lot to do, and I just didn't get around to updating the site.

And I sat down to take some photos this afternoon, and my camera batteries ran out after two photos!  So I don't have much to show, I'm afraid, of the work I've been doing on the WAMH.

Here's the hallway.  I bought quite a few picture frames while I was in Toronto, and managed to get a few things framed up for the house.  I also bought a wall sconce, which you can see next to the closet door on the staircase -- it's a lion's face with two candles, and was pretty darned shiny.  I dulled the finish a bit with raw umber acrylic paint and it looks more authentic now.

Here's a better shot of the wall sconce.  Above it you can see the portrait of Oliver Cromwell I framed: he's one of David's heroes, so I knew he'd have to make an appearance in the house, somewhere :)

You can also see the amazing carved chair, which is one of three birthday presents David bought for me at The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto!  This is a hand carved Tudor chair by Canadian craftsman John Ottewill, and it's exquisite. I was stunned, totally overwhelmed.  David also got me a William and Mary inlaid table, also by John Ottewill and a library staircase.  I am a VERY lucky woman, but also a very frustrated woman because I can't show you the table and stairs yet because of my thrice damned camera ... :)

I've been cutting out foam for the first floor, and trying to make decisions about wallpaper and other things before I get started on the construction.

I'm leaving for a couple of days to go to Moncton with David for his brachytherapy (for prostate cancer -- the prognosis looks pretty good)  -- we'll both feel a lot more relaxed when this is done.

I hope all your projects (both 1:12 and 1:1) are going swimmingly!


  1. El aplique queda genial, y con el envejecido mejor. El marco del retrato muy adecuado. Me gusta lo que vas añadiendo.
    Espero que el tratamiento termine pronto y bien.
    Besos Clara

  2. Glad to hear you had a good trip. I love the carved chair - lucky girl!

  3. Hello Nina, there you are!
    It's nice to feel lucky regardless of all: I think that with your love, your husband's therapy is successful :-)
    The house, of course, is always more beautiful (luckily the camera was released, so you keep account of something which surprised the days of famine!)...
    A big hug from me,

  4. Just for now, sod the miniatures Nina, give all my best regards to David please !!!!!. I can relate to his predicament.

    Kindest regards


  5. El estilo tudor tiene algo especial me encanta.
    Un abrazo


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