Wednesday, September 22, 2010

John Ottewill table


We're back from Moncton, and David's procedure went swimmingly. He's so relieved, now that it's over, that he's practically skipping around the house!  Happiness abounds ...

Here's a couple of photos of the John Ottewill William and Mary table David gave me for my birthday. 

Isn't it gorgeous?  The compass rose marquetry on the top is perfect, and I love the curved stretchers and the tiny drawer.  It's the most exquisite piece in the house!

And here's a shot I took tonight through the parlour door:

That's Sir Isaac Newton to the right of the chimney breast :) 


  1. The table is really a lovely piece - lucky you. The view through the door looks very realistic - this house is looking good!

  2. Your table is just BEAUTIFUL!!! The marquetry is gorgeous and I love the shape of it!

    I am so happy to hear David's treatment went so well. I am sure you both must be so relieved.

    Catherine X

  3. I'm gobsmacked!! Had to check if it wasn't 1:1!!
    Very glad David is well.

  4. WOW, Nina, what an amazing table! I am sometimes astonished by the precision of some people's work! Happy belated birthday! Your house is looking beautiful, especially for something that is still only half built! (I have a hard time getting used to this process of completing one room before doing the next floor!) :)
    I am so glad to hear that David's procedure went well! I am thinking of you both and happy to hear you are skipping about! :)

  5. Congratz! On David's procedure :):). Thi shouse is looking amazing! And your birthday presents are divine!

  6. great news.. our health is always paramount.. and lovely things always make us feel better! keep skipping! :-)

  7. I love David (if I may ..)!
    He has made you a wonderful gift, like the others and most of the other: you can imagine all the great esteem for you ...
    The picture of the parlour is breathtaking, truly a trip back in time ...
    Only you you succeed so well :-)
    Mini hugs to both, Flora

  8. Es una mesa preciosa. ¡Felicidades!
    Besos Clara

  9. Oh joy! I just found this blog while googling "architecture tudor panelling floors" etc for some reference pics for my looooooooong-planned rendition of the Library at Manderley, from Rebecca. May have to delay going back downstairs to the workroom while I look through your past postings.

  10. That is a wonderful piece of art! What incredible skills David has! It is so perfect! Your room is really looking so incredible! Love it!

  11. John Ottewill is a genius. His work is just amazing! Thanks for sharing his work with us..

    Glad that David is feeling better!


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