Friday, September 3, 2010

Evening lights in the WAHM

Here are some photos David took for me of the lights on the ground floor of the William and Mary house at night:

Dining Room



Kitchen -- there are no lights here yet, but we didn't want it to feel left out!
It's been insanely hot the last few days here in Nova Scotia -- it's just impossible to get up the energy to do anything :)  The KnitWits and I actually spent our afternoon in a saltwater pool, courtesy of Fred, and it was sheer heaven.

And now there's a hurricane heading for us - his name is Earl.  We'll batten down the hatches tomorrow -- anyone out there on the Eastern seaboard of North America, I wish you well!

Time to go and lie in front of our air conditioner :)


  1. Hope the hurricane will go away and will be very very week! Keep my fingers crossed for it:)
    The rooms look great - but still the hall is my fav!;)

  2. wow, the rooms are really looking wonderful. Your lighting is nice too. It's always so inspiring to see other bloggers progress, it makes me want to make some on mine. Jenn

  3. Hello Nina,
    The lighting creates a similar effect as that of the picture of the couple sat on the settle in the Lion Inn at Blakey. Just catching up on various parts of your blog(still learning how to navigate them), I have sat on that settle many times(too many) and qwaffed numerous pints of Theakston`s Bitter and enjoyed Sunday lunch.
    Talking of Bitter, have you started on the pub yet ?. A seed has been planted in my minds eye!. Take care in that there breeze.


  4. Isn't it satisfying when you flip the switch and everything works? :-)

    Here's hoping Earl keeps moving NE and you effects are minimized.

  5. Looks fantastic! All of it! Wishing Earl to go far far away... -ara

  6. The photos are beautiful, give a fair idea of all the work behind (and in) this house ...
    The lights indicate a autumnal atmosphere, despite the heat that torments you ...
    I will follow the path of the hurricane on the satellite, belay!
    Tomorrow I leave for vacations with my husband and our little fever: the blog I will miss ...
    I wonder if my back has started work on the second floor :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  7. Has hecho un trabajo fantastico, las luces le dan un aire calido, me encanta.
    Las imagenes dan una idea de lo maravilloso que tiene que ser poder verlo de cerca, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  8. It looks marvellous - I love looking at properties with their lights on and it gives great atmosphere to your little dining nook.

  9. Esta preciosa la casa iluminada. Ha sido un acierto poner la luz.
    Aqui sigue tambien haciendo calor, buen momento para aire y ordenador :)
    Besos Clara

  10. Looking good! You have had some pretty excessive weather the last few months and the rain looks to upset my viewing of the the US Open!

  11. Nina, the hallway looks so real! I LOVE the bare wood and sparsely adorned feeling! The lighting just makes you want to crawl right in, doesn't it?
    I hope Earl blows by quickly and diminishes before he gets there! Be safe!

  12. Me encanta como te ha quedado con la iluminación.

    Besitos, May


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