Friday, January 27, 2012

Panelled wall

Yesterday was Knitwits, and Ruth (called "Evangelista" on this blog before) did some very neat panelling in the Blue and White Room's last wall.

Her work is so careful and precise!  I will add some panels on the back wall, and then turn my attention to the hallway, next door.

And I've been making good progress on the big carpet:  the part I thought would be hardest, the slanting design in the centre, is actually the bit that goes fastest!


  1. Good progress with your panelling. It's going to look good. Panelling seems to be "the thing" at the moment.- I'm playing with panelling too!

  2. Jak zawsze pięknie!
    As always beautiful!

  3. Yes there seems to be a panelling virus going round ;) It's looking lovely!

  4. Beautiful wall! The rug will look stunning!

  5. now I know I have to contemplate panelling in my parlour - it makes a room look so good. I love the mustard yellow colour, just what we need in a grey January

  6. The panneling looks lovely and your doing a great job on the carpet. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished


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