Monday, January 30, 2012

First floor staircase zooming along ...

I was so busy building the staircase yesterday that I didn't have time to post :)  Here's what it looks like this afternoon:

Here's what I got done:

I built the first flight of stairs and the landing.  I made some basic mistakes, but it's all come out okay :)

 Then I built the second flight, the longer one.  Fortunately I have access to all kinds of gash lumber down in my husband's workshop, so I had lots of triangular section dimensional wood.

Then there were many steps I don't show :)  this time I am building the staircase in, before I've done the floor.  We'll see how it goes.  I added the side pieces to the stair units, and glued the upper stairs in place along the wall.  I made the little bookcase this morning, as a replacement for a truly awful bookcase I made in haste yesterday!  It was a little too tall and a little too wide and the pitch of the shelves was rather small.  This is better!  It will be framed into the wall, so it's recessed into the stairwell behind it.  I think it'll look lovely!

I still haven't decided what to do with the hallway floor. I could do a wood floor, or I'd love to get some more Mar-like floor tiles and do another tiled floor here, but in warmer colours than the iconic black and white.  I love this octagonal pattern which is also typical of the period, and I like colour M6.

What do you think?


  1. I love the way the house is being built bit by bit, it must be very satisfying when you finish each room... if houses are ever finished!

    I like the m7 pattern but I guess it would be too cold in colour for the first floor

  2. The house is looking fabulous and it is great to have you back in blogland at long last. I agree with you on M6, it would be my pick.

  3. Hi, l and j! It's an odd way to do it -- it'll be interesting if I ever get a "real" dolls house, say, from a kit, but then I guess you still have to decorate as you go along ... it IS fun!

    Hi, OM! Thank you :)

    Hi, Alennka! I'm really glad to be back. Your houses looks amazing, as always :)

    My husband just came in, and I asked him about tiles vs. wood, and he voted for the warmth of wood. So that's that -- I stained a bit of ready made floorboards I had, and all is well. It'll save me some money, and I'll get Marlike tiles for some other project :)

  4. Hi Nina! I Love the Darkness of the wood paneling! And I think the wood would have been more likely on an upper floor anyway! It's looking Great!

  5. I love it! What a beautiful work! I can't wait to see more! xoxo, AMy

  6. The room is coming along nicely! I like tiles #5, but #6 seems to be lighter and will match the walls perfectly.

  7. Coming along great so far Nina.
    Your husband is right (I know, men are hardly ever right!) wood, will look better.




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