Monday, January 23, 2012

A few simple little books

Last night I made a few simple miniature books as shelf filler for Daydreamer's new reading nook.

These are easy, non-opening books, suitable for a background role in a mini scene. Some of them have covers of thin leather, and others have covers made from heavy paper samples.  I either cut a scrap of balsa, or glue a few layers of card together to make the insides of the books, colour three edges with a gold pen and then wrap and glue the covers on.  A few details with a gold pen, and they're ready to go.


  1. You're definitely back now!

    The books look very effective and sound so simple to make. I'll have to have a go - no excuses!

  2. Śliczne! Fantastyczne te książki, takie realne. Pozdrawiam cieplutko!

  3. Nina, you are AWESOME! I'm really Touched by this gift!
    Thank you!
    (And now, like Irene... I really have to make some myself!)

  4. Thanks, Irene, debbie and Niunka! Betsy, I'm just so glad you like them! They're really not suited to be front and centre in a very detailed house, but if you put them on the bottom shelf in the background or something, they should be okay :)


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