Tuesday, May 3, 2011

England trip, oh my goodness!

Staithes, North Yorkshire, UK
You know how time seems to run more quickly when you're trying to get things done before you go away?

I'm in that stage right now :)  It's compounded by the very strange election we just had in Canada (a far-right party was just given a Parliamentary majority by only on 40% of the voters, our left-of-centre party had its best showing ever, forming the Official Opposition, we elected our first Green MP, and the "natural" governing party was reduced to third place.  Strange times, indeed).  Add in the fact that I have two big productions coming up for my opera companies -- Madama Butterfly in June (for which I'm singing Suzuki) and Tales of Hoffmann in July/August (for which I'm stage director) -- and my stress level is pretty high.

I'm a little overwhelmed, to tell the truth!

So I'm writing press releases, and packing, and having production meetings and rehearsing and all the while I'm thinking, "Just a few more days, and (d.v.) we'll be in England and sitting at a pub and reading about someone else's political woes!"

We're going back to North Yorkshire to stay in Staithes again, this time with my Mum.  I've got only two dolls house shops to visit this trip, and I'll see them both in the first two days :)  But we're going to have a lovely time and see David's marvellous family again, and I will be VERY glad!


  1. It all sounds wonderful to me. Have a great time in England. :-))

  2. Bon Voyage, Nina! Have a Fabulous time on your journey! Sounds like the time away will give you a much needed break! I look forward to seeing what you buy at those two dollhouse shops..... :) I'm sure you will enjoy every minute of your time with family... and such a treat that your Mum can come too!

  3. Sounds Perfect travelling! Enjoy with pleasure! You need this because of the becoming duties: Madam Butterfly and Tales of Hoffmann! WOW!
    I`ll be waiting for moe stories... :)

  4. It all sound so busy, but wonderful for you!

    The weather has been great over the last month here, so may it continue whilst you're overhere at least! I've been to North Yorkshire quite a few times myself as my Sister etc lived there for a couple of years and my Brother-in-Law comes from there! ;o))

    Have a safe flight and holiday! :o))
    Michelle xxx

  5. Dear Nina, I feel all the excitement of the day before, so I can only wish you bon voyage and happy holidays :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  6. Nina, I'm a lurker on your blog but I just wanted to say that if you'll be up in Yorkshire and hitting dollhouse miniature shops the one you really need to check out (if you don't know) is in Helmsley....It's a tiny little place (just one room) but they always have marvelous goodies there! I've gone there every year for the last 4 years (we anniversary in Wrelton)
    (I can't remember the name of it, but it's on a little side-street on the way into Helmsley castle)


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