Monday, May 9, 2011

York to Staithes ...

Hello!  David and I are in the Royal George in Staithes at the end of a lovely day. Bless them, they have wireless internet here!  I've got a pint of cider and I'm just going to post a bit about the topic dearest to all our hearts, MINIS!

The Miniature Scene on Fossgate in York
I had an AMAZING time at The Miniature Scene in York on Saturday!  For everyone who told me what a wonderful shop it was, I just have to agree :)

We parked near the Black Swan in York, leaving Mum comfortably ensconced with a pint while David walked up to Monk Bar Model Shop and I walked across to Fossgate.

Friendly, knowledgeable people and a really marvellous array of minis, it was a dream come true! 

Here are some photos from the inside of the shop:

I love the little vignettes they have set up all over the shop!
Gorgeous Jacobean chairs and table

Dolls by The Giddy Kipper -- sorry for the glare, but they're all in a glass case!

Wonderful assortment of food and pewter.

I really love the bowed windows on the front of this house :)
Great witch!  Look at the size of that cauldron :)

Great Dr Frankenstein

I love houses from the humble ....

To the very grand! 
And this church is really lovely ...
As soon as I get a chance I'll take some photos of the pieces I bought here and in Chesterfield!


  1. I have bought so much from this man! Sadly only online! Huge thanks for the photo's of this fantastic shop, it makes me want to drive up for a long visit as he has such amazing mini's!

    I see you spied a Sid Cooke house (the double bow fronted one!)! I love the huge cauldron too! ;o))

    I hope the weather isn't too bad up North, it's been lovely down here for the last two days, but not as hot as it was. I hope the weather says great for the duration of your visit overhere. ;o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Oh My! Such Treasures! It is really difficult to find anything "older" than the Colonial period over here.... those Jacobean furnishings are just delicious looking! Thank you for sharing this store with us! I look forward to seeing what you bought! So glad you are enjoying yourselves!

  3. Your trip becomes more and more interesting... Thanks to the new updates and the pretty pictures: I love the silver in the first picture!!!
    Good continuation :-)

  4. Your trip seems wonderful and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time.Wanted to thank you for the great link to this shop,very interesting things :-)! Jeannette

  5. What a fun shop! So glad I found your blog--it's really lovely!


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