Friday, April 29, 2011

Mini books by Eva

As a proud Canadian royalist, I was up this morning watching clips of the Royal wedding online -- I found it surprisingly moving and very, very beautiful.  Loved the spring-green trees in the Abbey!

Here's a photo of the whole Kitchen wing this morning:

 And here are some tiny books Eva worked on yesterday, from several of the book kits I have lying around.  She is amazing with small things -- the smaller the better as far as she's concerned :)  I gave her a kit for a 1:144 scale dolls house and she did a great job on it -- now she'll make furniture for it!

The ones in the back are from the Dutch shop Silly Sisters -- their book kit which makes over 60 attractive, non opening books.  These have been great for the kids.

The one in the front, with the pages  (Eva did such a lovely, precise job on this one, which is very fiddly) is from the first kit of antique books by Paper Minis -- they have lots of lovely things for sale, including stamp albums!


  1. Nina, I was up early too! I thought the whole event was beautiful.... especially the bride's gown!
    The books Evangelista made are lovely too!

  2. I think the wedding of the century has attracted the attention of half the world today! I agree with you, the trees in the abbey were a great idea!
    I also do mini books ... You saw my etsy shop? #
    good weekend!


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