Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working on first floor of William and Mary House

Well, the foam walls are going up (temporarily, at least) and I've cut some chimney pieces :)  I've sketched in the roof over the kitchen wing, and the whole thing is looking more and more like a house!

I decided to make the kitchen roof from cardboard since it's not going to open and close. I did make a mistake in measuring (as you can see from the back edge of the roof!) but I'll cover that up and make good when I put the tiles on, at least that's my plan :)

I'm going to experiment with my surface finishes on this wall.  I've primed it the grey of the brick grout, but I think I'll paint it again, in a lighter grey.  This one seems a bit dark.  My plan is to make my own brick facing (from artists board or sandpaper) and make quoins from egg cartons for the corners.

I'm not going to finish the back wall to any degree -- just give a coat of whatever grey I use for the grout colour.  This is NOT going to be a perfect house from every angle!

I went down to David's workshop this morning and cut two chimney breasts and one hearth.  Here's the little fireplace and the wooden hearth (which I'll faux finish as stone) in what will be the bedroom.  I've decided not to have a window in this room, because I'll need all the back wall for the large bed :)  This room will be half panelled and then papered above in Itsy Bitsy Mini's Distressed Damask in burgundy, and I have a gorgeous, very fine burgundy stretch velvet that reads as scale better than most 1:1 velvets.  I'll use that for the bed.

Here's the stunning fireplace surround for the Blue and White room.  It comes with its own hearth, so I had to make a shallow chimney breast -- shallow enough that both breast and surround can fit on the hearth.  The breast is actually twice as thick as shown here, but I couldn't get it to balance while I was taking the picture :)

The floors will all be removeable -- because of the ceiling wiring on the lower floor, I need to be able to remove these floors in case something goes wrong with the light fixtures (as something is sure to :)   I splashed out on premade oak floors which I'll stain Mission Oak to match the ground floors.


  1. Una casa muy grande. Cada paso está más cerca de la realidad.
    Normal arreglar los errores sobre la marcha. Seguro que el tejado lo solucionarás.
    Esos muros gruesos darán mucho realismo.
    Gracias por compartir tu paso a paso.
    Besos Clara

  2. I see a great roundup of other exciting environments :-)
    Your chimney and your wallpapers are the most beautiful I have ever seen (by the way, thanks for reporting this morning)...
    I wish to the team good job and to you a mini affectionate hug,

  3. Love the wall paper, looks like you are doing a fantastic job!
    -Kim :)

  4. It is going to look great, I made grooves in my top floors for the wiring of the lights and just left the floor plank that went over the groove loose, since I have rugs in every room you can't see that it is loose, I also thought what if something goes wrong and my "poor people" have to live in the dark for the rest of their lives.

  5. You're certainly back into the swing of things and I love that wallpaper.

  6. I'm also building a DH from styrofoam, (though it is a few centuries after the William and Mary House) and I always feel like I'm learning something new when visiting your site!

  7. It's turning out to quite a large house! Are you planning on having bedrooms in that upstairs space. Wonderful fireplace...is it a Sue Cooke one?

    Michelle xx

  8. OMG it's huge! the wallpaper is grand, I love it.Keep us informe, Rosanna

  9. Lots of planning,lots of work going on - this is inspiring me to go faster on my own house - thankyou :)))))
    I like it that rooms are removable :) Everything is looking beautiful.

  10. A very productive day. Isn't it great when everything starts taking shape.


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