Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1:12 scale blue and white china -- an addiction

I love blue and white china!  I love the look of it, and it's perfect for the period of my William and Mary dolls' house because Chinese export pottery and Delftware became quite a craze beginning in the late 17th century. 

Here are some artists making blue and white china pieces in dollhouse scale  -- some of these are the highest end imaginable and others are more affordable for collectors at my price point.  They're all beautiful and inspiring!

Pictured at the top of this post is a miniature tulipiere or tulip vase from the Dutch queen of exquisite 1:12 scale Delftware, Henny Staring.   Below is a sultan's head vase, also from her Delftware collections. There are no prices listed on her website, but I found a few pieces for sale in resellers' shops and the price tags are eye-watering :)  Never mind, a girl can dream!

UK makers Stokesay Ware do several lines of blue and white pieces, including full dinner and tea sets as well as bowls, vases and other special items (see dresser, below).  I've started collecting their pieces with a few blue and white plates and look forward to expanding my collection to vases.  I can testify that these pieces are strictly to scale -- they are very thin and perfect in every way.  Stokesay Ware will even do a special-order Blue Willow pattern tea set with handle-less teacups -- perfect for that early Georgian setting!

Avon Miniatures
is based in Devon and sells a number of blue and white porcelain pieces that would be lovely in a collection.  They do their own version of Blue Willow plus a number of blue and white collector's plates (shown below).  The website is a little out-dated, and could use some better photos, but I look forward to ordering from them soon!

I can't wait to order some pieces from Sally Meekins, another UK artisan with quite a few blue and white pieces on offer.  Above is a magnificent large pyramidal tulipiere by Meekins, and below is a charming pair of blue and white cats!  She has quite a few very unusual articles on her site ...

I'm sure there must be some makers I'm missing -- if I've left out a favourite of yours,  please do comment and let me know!  I certainly don't want to miss any 1:12 scale blue and white china :)


  1. Hi Nina! I hope you are feeling better! Beautiful blue and white China.... hard to believe it is 1:12 scale. I Love those kittys! And the Vases! I am NOT going to start buying china yet...... got to get the houses done first! But I really appreciate the researching you do! I'll know right where to go when the temptation gets too much!

  2. I must admit to a secret liking for blue and white china, but I *really* can't start collecting yet until I've got a few other things out of my system! Thanks for the links, Nina, I'll enjoy window shopping in the meantime :))

  3. Nina, you have picked some fine examples. I love ceramics too but am not starting with fine China at the moment. Blue and white is also used in some Maharajah's palaces or havelis but they are mainly wall or floor tiles.

    I am lucky in some way, I have access to Made In China porcelain. Not dollhouse but miniatures nonetheless. The workmanship is exquisite for the higher end pieces and then there are the mass market pieces from moulds. Both types are reasonably priced in their respective categories.

  4. They certainly are beautiful and so perfect it is hard to believe they are 1:12 scale.

  5. For items like these, you could ruin ...
    Anyway thanks for the link: I can give the addresses relatives and friends and hope that if they remember for anniversaries :-)
    Mini blue & white hugs, Flora

  6. Hola, primero que nada felicitarte por tus miniaturas, son preciosas.....he leido tambien que te gusta la porcelana blanca y azul y no he podido resistir la tentacion de decirte que en mi provincia es tipico ese tipo de trabajo, soy española , vivo al este de España en el Mediterraneo , Valencia se llama mi tierra, y bueno hay un pueblo en el cual es tipico hacer ese tipo de ceramica, asi que te invito a que busques Manises ,creo que te gustaria la ceramica de aqui, estoy casi segura....ya mediras si te ha interesado buscarlo y que te ha parecido, besos.


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