Monday, November 8, 2010

Small Time -- miniature clocks and more

I just stumbled upon this marvellous site:  Small Time, UK maker of miniature clocks and other delights!  There are so many stunning pieces on this site, many of which are perfect for the Georgian period.

Look at this 1:12 scale 18th century room box -- look at the moulding!  Stunning detail, perfect scale and very inspirational.  It's later than the periods I'm really working in, but I admire the beauty and execution of this piece.

And look at this tiny sterling silver pocketwatch! 


  1. Aren't they wonderful!!!

    I had to choose between the ones in Small Time and Halls miniature clocks. Maybe you saw the clock I just bought from Malcolm Hall in my blog. I just love his work.

  2. Lovely, beautiful pieces of miniatures..! I love the pocketwatch! My Grandfather used to have one of those...


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