Monday, January 4, 2010

New chairs for the castle

Happy New Year!

I had several parcels arrive today, one of which contained a set of four chairs.  Now,  the chairs are definitely NOT Tudor (they're Stuart, at the earliest, with really ugly white upholstery), but I'm going to use a couple of them temporarily in the castle until I get my Jacobean house going :)

I bought them in spite of the upholstery on them, in the hopes that I could perhaps recover them.

It took a little more prying than I thought to get the padding off, but in the end brute force won :)

Here are three of them:  the one on the left with upholstery intact, the one in the middle with it freshly pulled off, and the one on the end with the old fabric removed from the thin cardboard and foam backing.

After playing with a few different fabrics and leathers, I've chosen to cover two in a soft brown leather and two in a very pretty, tiny red pattern.  Here they are!


  1. I am loving your blog! I have an interest in making a Tudor style dollhouse but not sure where to begin! I am really enjoying reading about your construction process and have been really inspired! Thanks so much for posting!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Elizabeth! I guess it depends how much work you want to do on the building itself. There are some great books out there with plans for Tudor houses.

    You can also take a pretty plain dolls house and customize it to look more Tudor. That sort of appeals to me ... I may do a Jacobean house, next :)


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