Saturday, January 16, 2010

Castle Library almost done

After a few days hard work on the Library, it's almost finished.  I just have to decide how I'm going to light it and drill and connect everything, and it'll be done!

Here you can see the bookcases, the fireplace mantle, the book stand and my new table and chair.  The panelling took a while, but I really like it!

This shows the fireplace in greater detai, plus the painting I hung and the lectern.  The logs/fire in the fireplace I bought from eBay seller Kerby Lane Miniatures.

I bought the small packet of papers you see here in closeup on the libary table from the same UK miniature maker (Pear Tree Miniatures)  who made the Tres Riches Heures open book you see in the above photo, on the lectern.  This Tudor package includes a map, two letters and a list of household accounts. The open book on the table is one I made.

Here's a photo of the library table I bought from UK eBay seller amd5758 who offers free shipping anywhere in the world!  I've bought a couple of pieces from her now and they're all superb.


  1. wow...i just found your blog and am thrilled. i am about to start a dollhouse project. i am converting a victorian dollhouse into the house from the movie 'practical magic'! i am following you now and can't wait to see all you have done!

  2. Thanks so much, jaz! I've thought a lot about my next project, and I think I might do a series of roomboxes based on different rooms from my favourite books and movies, so I'd love to see how your Practical Magic house goes :)

  3. Like jaz@octoberfarm, I've just stumbled accross your blog and thought it was absolutely AMAZING! I can't wait to see the finished castle! But it's not all good. . . . After seeing and reading about your castle I have to add 'medieval/tudor castle' to my to make list and it's already several pages long!

    P.S. If you use Flickr at all, we'd love to see photos of your castle added to the group pool at Scale Dollshouse Miniatures

  4. Thanks, Alennka! I'll stop by and add some photos to the Flickr group, and I look forward to seeing your projects :)

    I've got an ever-increasing to do list -- I really, really want to do an old pub, and dedicate it to my wonderful English husband :)


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